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This list includes all surface combatants, submarines, mine warfare
vessels and patrol craft over 100 tons displacement, and all amphibious
ships and auxiliaries over 500 tons displacement.  Non-self-propelled
craft and vessels without seagoing capability are not included. 

Ships not yet commissioned, or in long-term overhaul/conversion, are
listed in [brackets].  Navigation and surface-search radars are not
listed.  All designations & classifications are unofficial; they may or
may not correspond to "official" designations.

Al Sanbouk (Al Boom class/TNC 45 type) missile boat

Displacement: 259 tons full load Dimensions: 44.9 x 7 x 2.46 meters (147 x 23 x 8 feet) Propulsion: 4 diesels, 4 shafts, 13,460 bhp, 41.5 knots Crew: 32 Fire Control: PEAB 9LV200 gun/missile control EW: Cutlass RDL-2 intercept, 1 Dagaie chaff Armament: 4 MM40 Exocet, 1 76 mm OTO DP, 1 dual 40 mm AA, 2 7.62 mm MG Built in Germany. Number Name Year Homeport Notes P4505 Al Sanbouk 1984 Ex-Jalboot

Um al Almaradim class missile boats

Displacement: 250 tons full load Dimensions: 42 x 8.2 x 1.8 meters (137.8 x 26.9 x 5.9 feet) Propulsion: 2 diesels, 2 shafts, 4,000 hp, 30 knots Crew: 29 EW: DR3000S1 intercept Armament: 4 Sea Skua SSM, 1 40 mm AA, 1 20 mm, 2 12.7 mm MG French-built. Number Name Year Homeport Notes P3711 Um Al Maradim 1998 P3712 Ouha 1998 P3713 Failaka 1998 P3714 Maskan 1998 P3715 Al Ahmadi 1999 P3716 Al Faheheel 1999 P3717 Al Yarmook 2000 P3718 Garoh 2000

Qarq missile boat tender

Displacement: approx. 1,800 tons Dimensions: 55 x20 x 2 meters Propulsion: 2 diesels, 2 shafts, 2,400 hp, 8 knots Crew: 40 Armament: 2 12.7mm MG Former commercial oilfield barracks ship adapted as a tender to small craft during the 1990-91 war. Number Name Year Homeport Notes S5509 Qarq 1986/90
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