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This list includes all known patrol craft over 100 tons displacement operated by various non-naval government bodies.

Ships not yet commissioned, or in long-term overhaul/conversion, are listed in [brackets]. Navigation and surface-search radars are not listed. All classifications are purely unofficial and are based on an attempt to use standard classifications throughout all navies; they may or may not correspond to "official" designations.

Sea Panther class large command boats

Displacement: 450 tons full load
Dimensions: 40 x 8.5 x ?? meters/131.2 x 27.8 x ?? feet
Propulsion: 2 Cat diesels, 2 shafts, 2,350 bhp, 14 knots
Crew: 27-33
Armament: 2 12.7 mm MG

Concept/Program: Command boats for the Hong Kong force.

Builders: Hong Kong SY, Kowloon.

Number	Name			Year	FLT	Homeport	Notes
PL 3	Sea Panther		1988	HK
PL 4	Sea Horse		1988	HK
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Protector (Pacific Forum) class small patrol boats

Displacement: 170 tons full load
Dimensions: 32.6 x 8.2 x 1.6 meters/107 x 26.9 x 5.2 feet
Propulsion: CODAD: 1 Cat cruise diesel, 1 waterjet, 775 bhp; 2 Cat boost diesels, 2 shafts, 4,400 bhp, 24 knots
Crew: 19
Armament: fitted for 1 12.7 mm MG, 2 7.62 mm MG

Concept/Program: Modified version of a standard Australian patrol boat.

Builders: Transfield ASI Pty., Ltd., South Coogee, Western Australia.

Number	Name			Year	FLT	Homeport	Notes
PL 51	Protector		1992	HK
PL 52	Guadrian		1993	HK
PL 53	Defender		1993	HK
PL 54	Preserver		1993	HK
PL 55	Rescuer			1993	HK
PL 56	Detector		1993	HK
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Note: There also 14 Damen Mk 3 patrol boats (97 tons) and 11 Damen Mk1/Mk2 patrol boats (86 tons), plus a large number of small launches.

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