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Snowfighting Photo Gallery

European Rotary Plows

[THUMBNAIL] Donner Pass in the 1950's? No, this is a Norwegian State Railways plow working upgrade through deep snow. Norway's plows are built to the same Leslie designs as US plows.

[THUMBNAIL] A spectacular view of a Norwegian plow throwing a massive arc of snow.

[THUMBNAIL] Another Norwegian plow throwing a huge plume of snow.

[THUMBNAIL] A Norwegian plow moving through the yards, pushed by a single steam locomotive.

[THUMBNAIL] A Norwegian diesel-powered rotary plow, with a steam rotary beyond. Both are apparently museum exhibits.
Photo: Sverre Haider

[THUMBNAIL] A Swiss National Railways rotary plow working on the Gotthard Line. Swiss plows run off electric power from the overhead catenary, and have a pair of independent dischage chutes. These plows are similar to the "highway type" plows in use on some US railroads.

[THUMBNAIL] A spectacular view of a Swiss plow working through deep snow on the Jungfrau Railroad.

[THUMBNAIL] Another view of a Swiss plow on the Jungfrau line.

[THUMBNAIL] A Swiss-built self-propelled steam rotary plow. Unlike US steam rotaries, this plow is self-propelled, using 0-6-6-0 running gear, plus a separate drive mechanism for the plow blade.
Photo: Courtesy of Rainer Buchheim.

[THUMBNAIL] A US-built rotary plow at a railroad museum in Moulhouse, France. This plow is Alco/Cooke Works #45561, built 9/1908 for service in France. After retirment in 1973 it went on display as seen here. Removal of the side panels gives a good view of the plow's internal workings.
Photo: Courtesy of Rainer Buchheim.

Snowfighting Photo Gallery
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