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MTB RON 1 Commissioned 24,July 1940 LT Earl S. Caldwell USN Decommissioned 9,February 1945 LT Edward M. Erikson USNR PT 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 PT 20-31,33,35,37,39,41-43 Assigned to Phillippines, fought at Pearl Harbor, Midway and in the Aleutians. MTB RON 2(1) Commissioned 8,November 1940 LCDR Earl S. Caldwell Decommissioned 11,November 1943 LT Alvin P. Cluster PT 20-26, 28,30,32,34,36-40,42-48, 59-61 Operated the 70' Scott-Paines until xfr to Britian in April & July of 1941. Was assigned to the Panama Sea Frontier in December of 1941. Then with six ELCOs to South Pacific late in 1942. Reconstituted with PT 71,72, 199 for special OSS missions in the English channel, carried out 20 between May and October of 1944 MTB RON 2(2) Commissioned 23,March 1944 CDR John D. Bulkeley Decommissioned 21,September 1945 LT Joseph R. Ellicott USNR MTB RON 3(1) Commissioned 12, August 1941 LT John D. Bulkeley Decommissioned PT 31,32,33,34,35,41 All boats expended by 15,April 1942 MTB RON 3(2) Commissioned 27,July 1942 LCDR Alan R. Montgomery Decommissioned 7,August 1944 LTjg Jay J. Reynolds PT 21,23,25,26,36,39,40,45-48,59,60,61 In the Philippines (the "expendables"), the first to arrive at Guadalcanal MTB RON 4 Commissioned 13,January 1942 LT Rollin E. Westholm Decommissioned 15,April 1946 LCDR John K. Williams USNR PT 59-68,71,72,95-102,139-141,199,200,295,296,314-317,450-452, PT 486,487,505,545,557-559,564,613,616,619,620 Was the training squadron (RON) at Melville,RI. In April 1946 MTBRON 4 consisted of PT 613,616, and PT 619,620 was xfrd to the Operational Development Force. MTB RON 5 Commissioned 16,June 1942 CDR Henry Farrow Decommissioned 15,February 1945 LT John W. Ewell USNR PT 62-65, 103-114,314-319 In Panama and then from spring of 1943 on in the South Pacific MTB RON 6 Commissioned 4,August 1942 LCDR Clifton R. Maddux Decommissioned 29,May 1944 LCDR Richard E. Johnson PT 115-126, 187-189 Formed in the South Pacific MTB RON 7 Commissioned 4,September 1943 LT Rollin E. Westholm Decommissioned 15,February 1945 LT Roger H. Hallowell USNR PT 127-138 In the Southwest Pacific MTB RON 8 Commissioned 10,October 1942 LCDR Barry K. Atkins Decommissioned 28,October 1945 LT William C. Godfrey PT 66-68,110-114,120-122,129-130,142-150,188 In Southwest Pacific MTB RON 9 Commissioned 10,November 1942 LCDR Robert B. Kelly Decommissioned 24,November 1945 LT Edward R. Burns USNR PT 126,151-162,187,318,319 In Southwest Pacific MTB RON 10 Commissioned 9,December 1942 LCDR Thomas G. Warfield Decommissioned 11,November 1945 Frederick N. Goehner USNR PT 108,116,124,125,163-174 South Pacific MTB RON 11 Commissioned 20,January 1943 LCDR LeRoy T. Taylor Decommissioned 11,Novenber 1945 LT Wendel E. Carroll USNR PT 175-186 South Pacific MTB RON 12 Commissioned 18,February 1943 LCDR John Harllee Decommissioned 26,October 1945 LT John J. McGlynn USNR PT 127,145,146,150-152,187-196 In Southwest Pacific, first to have torpedo launching racks instead on tubes. MTB RON 13 Commissioned 18,September 1942 CDR James B. Denny Decommissioned 23,November 1945 LCDR John A. Matzinger USNR PT 73-84 In Aleutian campain March 43-May 44, then Southwest Pacific. MTB RON 14 Commissioned 17,February 1943 LT Richard E. Johnson Decommissioned 16,September 1944 LT Henry S. Taylor USNR PT 98-102 Assigned to Panama Sea Frontier, no enemy action MTB RON 15 Commissioned 20,January 1943 CDR Stanley M. Barnes Decommissioned 17,October 1944 PT 201-218 First RON sent to Mediterranean, operated western Med from Bizerte, Palermo Sicily;Salerno;Maddalena,Sardinia;St. Topez Franch MTB RON 16 Commissioned 26,February 1943 LCDR Russell H. Smith Decommissioned 26,November 1945 LT John V. McElroy USNR PT 71,72,213-224,235,241,242,295-301 In the Aleutians and Southwest Pacific MTB RON 17 Commissioned 29,March 1943 LCDR Russell B. Allen Decommissioned 19,November 1945 LT James F. Hill USNR PT 225-234 In Hawaii, the Marshalls and then Southwest Pacific MTB RON 18 Commissioned 27,March 1943 LCDR Henry M.S.Swift USNR Decommissioned 1,November 1945 LT Raymond S. Patton USNR PT 103-105,147,148,362-371 MTB RON 19 Commissioned 22,April 1943 LCDR Russell H. Smith Decommissioned 15,May 1944 LCDR Glenn R. Van Ness USNR PT 235-244 In South Pacific, was broken up in May of 1944, remaining boats to RON 20 & RON 23 MTB RON 20 Commissioned 3,June 1943 LCDR Glenn R. Van Ness USNR Decommissioned 24,November 1945 LT Edward A. Green Jr. USNR PT 235-254 In South and Southwest Pacific MTB RON 21 Commissioned 8,April 1943 LCDR Selman S. Bowling Decommissioned 10,November 1945 LT Harry R. Hunt USNR PT 128,131,132,320-31 Southwest Pacific MTB RON 22 Commissioned 10,November 1943 LCDR Richard J. Dressling Decommissioned 15,November 1945 LCDR Richard J. Dressling PT 302-313 Assigned to Mediterranean MTB RON 23 Commissioned 28,June 1943 LCDR Ronald K. Irving Decommissioned 26,November 1945 LT Donald F. Galloway USNR PT 241-44, 277-288 South and Southwest Pacific MTB RON 24 Commissioned 10,May 1943 LCDR N. Bert Davis Decommissioned 6,November 1945 LT Joseph K. Roberts USNR PT 106, 332-343 Southwest Pacific MTB RON 25 Commissioned 17,June 1943 LT Daniel S. Baughman Jr. USN Decommissioned 9,November 1945 LT Frederick A. Stevens Jr. USNR PT 115, 134, 344-355 Southwest Pacific MTB RON 26 Commissioned 3,March 1943 LT Robert Leeson USNR Decommissioned 3,December 1945 LCDR Lester H. Gamble USN PT 255-264 78'Huckins Assigned Hawaiin Sea Frontier No enemy action MTB RON 27 Commissioned 23,July 1943 CDR Clinton McKellar Jr. Decommissioned 19,October 1945 LCDR Henry S. Taylor USNR PT 356-361,372-377 South and Southwest Pacific MTB RON 28 Commissioned 30,August 1943 LCDR G.A. Matteson Jr USNR Decommissioned 21,October 1945 LT D.M. Craig USNR PT 546-551,378-383 Southwest Pacific MTB RON 29 Commissioned 22,October 1943 CDR S. Stephen Daunis Decommissioned 23,November 1944 PT 552-563 Assigned to Mediterranean, based at Calvi, Corsica and Leghorn,Italy MTB RON 30 Commissioned 15,February 1944 LCDR Robert L. Searless USNR Decommissioned 15,November 1945 LCDR Lawrence F. Jones USNR PT 450-461 Assigned to English Channel area, during June 1944 till June 1945 reassigned to states for reconditioning and assigned to Pacific. War ended before shipment to Pacific. RON stayed in New York. MTB RON 31 Commissioned 5,April 1944 LT John M. Searles USNR Decommissioned 17,December 1945 LCDR Frank B. Gass USNR PT 453-455, 462-473 Served Pacific, Solomons, Marianas, Okinawa MTB RON 32 Commissioned 10,June 1944 LCDR Robert C. Wark USNR Decommissioned 18,December 1945 LT James E. Coleman USNR PT 474-485 Pacific Fleet Solomons, New Herbrides, Okinawa MTB RON 33 Commissioned 2,December 1943 LT A. Murray Preston USNR Decommissioned 24,October 1945 LCDR Edwin A. DuBose USNR PT 137,138,488-497 Southwest Pacific MTB RON 34 Commissioned 31,December 1943 LT Allen H. Harris USNR Decommissioned 9,March 1945 LT Herbert J. Sherertz USNR PT 498-509 Action in English Channel area June 1944 to October 1944 prepare boats for shipment to USSR in December 1944 MTB RON 35 Commissioned 15,February 1944 LCDR Richard Davis Jr. Decommissioned 10,April 1945 LCDR Arthur N Barnes USNR PT 510-521 Action in English Channel from June 44 to November 44, all boats shipped to USSR MTB RON 36 Commissioned 3,April 1944 LCDR Francis D. Tappan USNR Decommissioned 29,October 1945 LT Ralph O. Amsden Jr. USNR PT 522-532 Southwest Pacific MTB RON 37 Commissioned 5,June 1944 LCDR Clark W. Faulkner USNR Decommissioned 7,December 1945 LT James J. Cross Jr. USNR PT 533-544 Assigned Pacific Fleet, Solomons, New Hebrides, Okinawa MTB RON 38 Commissioned 20,December 1944 LCDR Charles A. Mills Jr. USNR Decommissioned 24,October 1945 PT 565-576 Southwest Pacific MTB RON 39 Commissioned 6,March 1945 LT Russell E. Hamachek USNR Decommissioned 24,December 1945 LT Charles A. Bernier Jr. USNR PT 575-588 Arrived at Samar, in Philippines in July 1945 and saw no action MTB RON 40 Commissioned 26,April 1945 LCDR George E. Cox Jr USNR Decommissioned 21,December 1945 PT 589-600 Arrived in Samar in summer of 1945, saw no action MTB RON 41 Commissioned 21,June 1945 LCDR Bruce P. Van Buskirk Decommissioned 6,February 1945 PT 600-612 Was shaking down at Miami when war ended MTB RON 42 Commissioned 17,September 1945 LCDR James A. Danver USNR Decommissioned 8,February 1946 PT 613-624 Only squadron (RON) commissioned after the war, was assigned to Pacific area but never shipped. MTB RON 43 Commissioned 12,December 1945 LT Richard C. Morse Jr. USNR Decommissioned 16,March PT 635-636 All transferred to USSR Lend-Lease April 1945 MTB RON 44 MTB RON 45 PT 761-772 RON 44 and PT 783-784 RON 45 Both squadrons never placed in commission
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