US PT Boats List: PT Boat Bases

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Location Name-type Opened Remarks Noumea, New Caledonia SB 9/42 Unloading for PTs Espiritu Santo, Base 1,2,3,15 10/42 Major engine ovrhl New Herbrides Button Tulagi Base 1,2,8 10/12/42 Hdqtrs MTBSoPac Rendova Base 11 06/30/43 " " 1-44 Lever Harbor, AB 07/24/43 SBOP New Georgia Vella Lavella AB 09/25/43 Lambu Lambu Cove Treasury Islands Base 9 10/28/43 Stirling Is. Cape Torokina, Base 9 11/03/43 p/o Base 9 Bougainville Green Island Base 7 02/15/44 RSST Homestead Lagoon Base 16 03/25/44 SBOP Emirau
Cairns, Australia Base 4 12/44 moved to Milne Bay, N.G. 1943 (Citadel) Kana Kopa, Base 4, 6, 12/11/42 Disbanded 6/44 Milne Bay moved Dreger Hbr Ladava, Milne Bay Base 4 06/15/44 Major engine OvrFAC Tufi AB 12/20/42 Moved forward 4/20/43 Morobe River AB 04/20/43 SBOP Thursday Island Base 10 04/16/43 p/o Base 10 Darwin, Australia Base 10 04/43 RSST (Aster) Woodlark Island AB 06/30/42 SBOP Fergusson Island AB 06/30/42 SBOP Buna Roads AB 08/01/43 TBFS Kiriwina Island AB 10/20/43 SBOP Dreger Harbor AB 11/30/43 Became MB 06/15/44 Saidor AB 03/04/44 SBOP Seeadler Harbor AB 03/10/44 withdrn to Dreger Harbor 4/44 Rein Bay, New Britain AB 03/17/44 TBOP Talasea, New Britain AB 03/26/44 TBOP Altape AB 04/26/44 TBOP Hollandia AB 05/02/44 TBOP Mios Woendi,Biak Base 21 06/06/44 RSST Wakde AB 06/08/44 TBOP Amsterdam Island AB 3 09/28/44 Cape Sansapor LST-201 Base 14 10/43 later USS Pontus
Morotai AB 09/16/44 SBOP
Cavite, Luzon MB 08/41 Captured by Japanese Liloan, Panaon Is. AB 10/23/44 TBOP San Pedro Bay, Leyte AB 5 10/21/44 Binatac Point tender supported Mangarin Bay, Mindoro AB 12/15/44 SBOP Ormoc, Leyte AB 12/28/44 SBOP Lingayen Gulf AB 6 01/03/45 Port Saul,SBOP Bobon Point, Samar Base 17 01/26/45 MB PTs in PI Subic Bay AB 02/03/45 TBOP Palawan AB 03/01/45 Puerto Princesa Zamboanga, Mindanao AB 03/09/45 SBOP Basilan Base 16 03/45 Puerto Isbela Hoilo City, Panay AB 03/20/45 SBOP Malamaui Island AB 03/18/45 SBOP Polloc Harbor AB 04/17/45 SBOP Sarangani Bay AB 04/26/45 Mindanao, closed 05/06/45 Malalag Bay AB 05/06/45 Davao Gulf, closed 7/45 Santiago Cove FS 03/45 Luzon
Tarakan AB 05/01/45 SBOP Tawi Tawi AB 05/21/45 SBOP Brunei Bay AB 06/10/45 SBOP Balikpapan AB 06/27/45 SBOP
Teguchi Harbor Base 24,25 06/18/45 move cancelled by surrender
Dutch Harbor Base 5 09/01/42 MNB (Whirlaway) Finger Bay, Adak Base 5 09/09/42 RSST Amchitka AB 5 05/03/43 Constantine Harbor Casco Cove, Attu Base 13 06/03/43 Massacre Bay, closed 1944
Bone, Algeria AB 04/27/43 Base for British CF Bizerte, Tunisia Base 12 05/30/43 Main PT base in Med Palermo, Sicily AB 07/23/43 SBOP Capri, Italy AB 09/15/43 SBOP Maddalena, Sardinia AB 10/01/43 SBOP Bastia, Corsica AB 10/15/43 SBOP Calvi, Corsica AB 5/44 SBOP St. Maxime, France AB 08/23/44 Gulf St. Tropez Gulf Juan, France AB 09/28/44 SBOP Leghorn, Italy AB 10/10/44 SBOP
Dartmouth, England AB 04/24/44 Base 4 Ops with OSS Portland, England MB 5/44 ORSS Cherbourg, France AB 8/44 SBOP Roseneath, Scotland TP 11/44 Base where PT's were xfrd to USSR Salcombe, Devon, AAB fall 43 Repair for LCTs England preparing for D-Day Final Base for 2(2) squadron (Ron)
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii MNB 8/41 SST Tutuila, Somoa Base 7 2/43 ST, moved fwd 43 Palmyra Island AB 7/42 moved fwd 11/42 Funafuti, Ellice Is. AB 11/42 Ron 1, Div 2, 4 PTs Noumea, New Caledonia SB 9/43 base were Solomon's PT's were unloaded
Melville, RI PTTC 3/42 Main PT Training Cntr New York CD 8/42 Outfit & Comm ELCO New Orleans, LA CD 8/42 Outfit & Comm Higgins Miami, FL OS 4/43 Training & Shakedown 4 Higgins & ELCO Rons New Orleans-Seattle FC 3/45 moved Higgins boats 2 Seattle 4 XFR USSR Lido Beach FD 06/01/45 shipped to San Bruno Base 27 CA personnel disper- sed in Oct 1945
Taboga, Panama TB 8/42 operational training
NOTES: FS: Fuel Stop MB: Main Base AB: Advanced Base CF: Coastal Forces FD: Forming Detail FC: Ferry Command TP: Transfer Point ST: Staging & Training SB: Staging Base CD: Commissioning Detail OS: Operational Shakedown MNB: Main Navy Base SST: Supply, Staging, Training SBOP: Shore Based Operating Point RSST: Repair, Supply, Staging, Training TBOP: Tender Based Operating Point TBFS: Tender Based Fueling Station ORSS: Operations, Repair, Staging,Supply
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