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On 17 July 1920, all former Armored and Protected Cruisers were renumbered in a single Cruiser (CA) series. The ex-Armored Cruisers retained their numbers, the ex-Protected Cruisers did not. This CA (Cruiser) designation is entirely separate from the later CA (Heavy Cruiser) designation, which was a branch of the Scout Cruiser/Light Cruiser (CS) classification.

This list includes the cruisers numbered in this series. Because the histories of these ships are included in other lists on this site, we are only providing links to the histories here, rather than duplicating the information.

Designation CA 1 skipped - ACR-1 was Maine

New York (CA 2)

Brooklyn (CA 3)

Pittsburgh class (ex-Pennsylvania class)

Pittsburg (CA 4) (ex-Pennsylvania)
Huntington (CA 5) (ex-West Virginia)
Designation CA 6 skipped - ACR-6 was sunk 19 July 1918
Pueblo (CA 7) (ex-Colorado)
Frederick (CA 8) (ex-Maryland)
Huron (CA 9) (ex-South Dakota)
Tennessee class (ex-Memphis class)
Designation CA 10 skipped - ACR-10 was wrecked 29 August 1917
Seattle (CA 11) (ex-Washington)
Charlotte (CA 12) (ex-North Carolina)
Missoula (CA 13) (ex-Montana)
Chicago (CA 14)

Olympia (CA 15)

Columbia class

Columbia (CA 16)
Minneapolis (CA 17)
St. Louis class
St. Louis (CA 18)
Charleston (CA 19)

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