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Caspian Sea Type auxiliary seaplane carriers
Alader Yousannoff
Almaz auxiliary seaplane carrier

Caspian Sea type auxiliary seaplane carriers

Specifications Unknown

Concept/Program: Two small Russian merchant ships taken over by the Royal Navy and converted to support the White Russians during the Russian Civil War, then given to the White Russians. Operated in the Caspian sea.

Class: Ships believed to have been similar but not identical.

Design/Conversion: Very minimal. Orilonoch carried a few seaplanes, which were stored and maintained in an existing well deck forward of the bridge, and hoisted by the cargo booms.

Alader Yousannoff
ex merchant Alader Yousannoff
Photos: [none available].

Builder and original construction data unknown. Commissioned in RN service 10/1918. Transferred to the White Russians 25 August 1919 and retained name. Fate unknown.

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ex merchant Orilonoch
Photos: [Orilonoch as converted].

Builder and original construction data unknown. Commissioned in RN service 1/1919. Transferred to the White Russians 8/1919 and retained name. Fate unknown.

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Almaz auxiliary seaplane carrier

Displacement: 3,285 tons
Dimensions: 363 x 43.5 x 17.5 feet/110.6 x 13.3 x 5.3 meters
Propulsion: TE engines, 2 shafts, 7,500 ihp, 19 knots
Crew: ???
Armor: 3 inch deck
Armament: 7 4.7 inch, 4 3 inch AA
Aircraft: 3-4 seaplanes

Concept/Program: A small ex-Russian seaplane tender given to the White Russians by the British, having been surrendered by the Germans at the end of WWI. Originally an armed yacht/small cruiser; converted by the Russians to operate seaplanes. Served with the Black Sea Fleet.

Design/Conversion: Hoisting booms and servicing facilties for 4 seaplanes fitted.

Departure from Service/Disposal: Interned with the rest of the White Russian fleet, and eventually scrapped.

Photos: [Almaz as seaplane carrier].

Built by Baltic Works. Laid down 25 Sept 1902, launched 2 June 1903, completed 1904. Rearmed at Vladivostok summer 1905, survived Tsushima, to Baltic Sea Fleet in 1906 and re-rated as a despatch vessel. Classed as an armed yacht 1908, to the Black Sea 1911. Converted to seaplane carrier early 1915.

To Ukraine 4/1918, seized by the Germans at Sevastopol, surrendered to the British 11/1918, transferred to the White Russians 9/1919. Interned at Algiers in 1920, taken over by France 1928 and scrapped in 1934.

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