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Aguirre helicopter cruiser

Displacement: 12,250 tons
Dimensions: 609 x 56.5 x 22 feet/185.6 x 17.2 x 6.7 meters
Propulsion: Steam turbines, 4 boilers, 2 shafts, 79,000 shp, 32 knots
Crew: 856
Armor: 3-4 inch belt, 1 inch decks
Armament: 2 dual 6/53 DP, 6 57 mm AA, 4 40 mm AA, 2 depth charge racks
Aircraft: 3 helicopters

Concept/Program: An ex-Dutch light cruiser, previously converted to a missile cruiser, sold to Peru and converted to a helicopter cruiser. Was Peru's largest combatant vessel for many years.

Design/Conversion: Terrier missile system ripped out and replaced by a large helicopter deck at the stern, with a large hangar forward of the deck.

Modifications: Apparently one of the 6/53 turrets was been removed and replaced by Otomat SSM late in the ship's career.

ex-HMNLS de Zeven Provincien, ex Eendracht, ex Kijkduin
CH 84
Photos: [de Zeven Provincien as completed], [de Zeven Provincien after missile conversion], [Aguirre as commissioned].

Built by Droogdok Maatschappij. Laid down 19 May 1939, suspended during WWII, construction resumed postwar, launched 22 Aug 1950, completed 17 Dec 1953. Converted to missile cruiser, date unknown. Sold to Peru 8/1976, refitted and converted at Rotterdam, recommissioned 31 Oct 1977.

Temporarily named Almirante Grau 1985-1989.

Decommissioned 19 March 2000.

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