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Blanco Encalada Class helicopter destroyers
Blanco Encalada (D15)
Cochrane (D15)

Blanco Encalada (County class) helicopter destroyers

Displacement: 6,200 tons full load
Dimensions: 520 x 54 x 20.5 feet/158.5 x 15.5 x 6.25 meters
Propulsion: Steam turbines, 2 boilers, plus 4 G6 gas turbines, 2 shafts, 60,000 shp, 30 knots
Crew: 470
Armor: none
Armament: 4 Exocet SSM, 2 Sea Cat SAM, 1 dual 114 mm DP
Aircraft: 2 helicopters

Concept/Program: Two ex-RN "County" class destroyers converted with helicopter facilties in place of their obsolete Sea Slug SAM system.

Design/Conversion: Large helicopter deck at the stern, with hangar forward of the deck.

Blanco Encalada
ex-HMS Fife
Photos: [HMS Fife]. [Blanco Encalada as converted], [Another view of Blanco Encalada].

Built by Fairfield SB. Laid down 1 June 1962, launched 9 July 1964, completed 21 June 1966. Transferred to Chile 12 Aug 1987; helicopter conversion completed 10/1988.

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ex-HMS Antrim
Photos: [Cochrane as converted].

Built by Fairfield SB. Laid down 20 Jan 1966, launched 19 Oct 1967, completed 14 July 1970. To Chile 22 June 1984, commissioned 25 June 1984. Helicopter conversion completed 5/1994.

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