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I have done a lot of work over the last several years to bring all of this information on the Canadian Navy together. However, all of this work would be for nothing if it wasn't for a large number of people and other sources (books, magazines, etc.) who have sent me information and photos. This is the section where I will try to acknowledge those people and sources.

First of all, a shameless plug:


This book, in its various editions, is the bible of ships for Canada's Naval Forces. This edition is co-written
by Ken Macpherson and Ron Barrie, whose earlier work "Cadillac of Destroyers" is also on my book
shelf. Ron is a good friend of mine, and in the interest of getting mentioned here, Ron has kindly mentioned
my name in the credits of this book, and also provided me with a free copy. I'm nothing if not easily bribed,
and so I include this plug for his book:

The third edition sees a totally new format, which makes it much easier to read. It is a good companion, and
is formatted similar to, "The Ship's of Canada's Marine Services" by Doug Maginley and Bernard Collin.
It is full of photos and histories for just about every ship to ever serve the Canadian Navy, and is a worthy
addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in Canada's Navy and its vessels. For the first time, it includes
colour photographs of the Navy's newest ships.

I receive many e-mails from people wondering where to get information on various ships of the Canadian
Navy, and this is the best place to start!


The following people have been extremely important in the current state of these web pages:

Jim Allison for providing several photos from his time in the RCN during WWII.

Ron Barrie for sending me any relevant newspaper and other media articles to help keep me
informed on the various naval happenings in Canada.

Corvus Publishing Group LTD., the publishers of Canada's Navy Annual for allowing me the use
of many of the photos found in these pages. Photos from these magazines have Corvus written on
them, although they may be credited to other parties, such as DND.

Bill Croshaw for scanning a number of excellent photos.

Bill Dougherty for providing some photos from his time in the RCN.

Dan Murphy for the pictures in the Maggie feature.

Chris Preston for the tour of HMCS TORONTO.

Aaron Sams for letting me borrow his scanner for extended periods.

David Shirlaw for information and scanning many of the photos I have displayed here.

Andrew Toppan, who has not only ensured that this site has had the space to grow, but also
for providing countless details and photos.

Patrick Turner, who not only helped me scan many of the photos, but has provided photos on his
own and loaned me badly needed disk space at times.

Steve Wilton, for providing me with a number of the photographs seen in these pages.

I can't name everybody who has contributed, as that would take all day, but all contributions are
very much appreciated!


While I have been forced to do a little research on my own, I have primarily relied on published
sources for my data on the ships. Where information was conflicting with other sources or what
I personally believed to be true, I have had to pick and choose between sources and make educated
guesses. Errors are therefore my own. Here are the major sources from which information has been

Barrie, Ron and Macpherson, Ken. (1996). Cadillac of Destroyers: HMCS ST. LAURENT and Her Successors.
    Vanwell Publishing Ltd. St. Catherines, Ont.

Canada's Navy Annual. Corvus Publishing Group (various editions).

Faulkner, Keith. and Hutchinson, Robert. (1996 and 1999). Jane's Warship Recognition Guide. Jane's Information Group. Harper
    Collins Publishing.

Harbron, John D. (1993). The Longest Battle: The RCN in the Atlantic: 1939-1945.
    Vanwell Publishing Ltd. St. Catherines, Ont.

Jane's Fighting Ships of World War I. (1919, 1990). Studio Editions Ltd. London.

Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II. (1947, 1995). Studio Editions Ltd. London.

Lynch, Thomas G. (1981). Canada's Flowers: History of the Covettes of Canada 1939-1945.
    Nimbus Publishing. Halifax, NS.

Maginley, Charles D. and Collin, Bernard. (2001). The Ships of Canada's Marine Services.
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Macpherson, Ken. and Barrie, Ron. (2002). The Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-2002.
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    Stoddard Publishing Ltd. Toronto.

Steed, Roger G. (1999). Canadian Warships Since 1956. Vanwell Publishing Ltd. St. Catherines, ON.

In addition, information has been gathered from:

Jane's Fighting Ships, Various Editions
Conway's All The World's Fighting Ships, Various Editions
Combat Fleets of the World, Various Editions

Line Drawings

The line drawings of ships are a combination of my drawings, my editing of existing
drawings to match the actual ships, and existing drawings from sources unknown. These
drawings are not exact representations of the ships they depict, but really best estimates
and approximations of what they looked like during at least one part of their careers.


Uncredited photos are most likely my own. I have tried, where possible, to credit other photos
where they appear. I would like to thank everyone responsible for photos that appear in these
web pages, especially all those photographers in the employ of the Department of National
Defence who remain anonymous.


I am sure that there are errors among the information I have presented here. If you think you have
spotted an error, or if you merely want to make some comments on these pages, please send me
an email and let me know at . Keep in mind that the author may not always
have reliable internet access due to the nature of his job, and may be late in replying to e-mail.

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