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Battle of the Atlantic

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Battle of the Atlantic
Misc 01
A MAC (Merchant Aircraft Carrier) was a light aircraft carrier built from a converted freighter, or merchantman. A number of these were used to provide air cover to convoys, along with the later Escort Carriers (converted during construction from merchant hulls).  Gord Condie photo, courtesy of Bill Croshaw.
Misc 02
A number of merchantmen and troop ships tied up in St. John's, Newfoundland. Note the Dutch freighter on the right, with part of its bow blown away at the waterline by a torpedo. The hole in this ship was literally big enough to run a launch through, as proved by RCN photographer Lt. Gilbert A. Milne. Gord Condie photo, courtesy of Bill Croshaw.
Misc 03
The troopship USS WAKEFIELD at anchor in Halifax Harbour. WAKEFIELD was originally the liner SS MANHATTAN. On September 2, 1942, WAKEFIELD suffered a serious fire and was gutted. She was salvaged, and taken to Halifax and beached; later she was completely rebuilt and returned to service. Prior to her fire, WAKEFIELD visited Halifax twice: once in November 1941 to take British troops to South Africa, and ultimately to Singapore where they were doomed to fall to the Japanese a month later, and a second time in August of 1942 just prior to burning. Gord Condie photo, courtesy of Bill Croshaw.

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