Haze Gray Mystery Picture #169 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the minelayer Salem (CM 11).

Salem was built in 1916 as the railroad ferry Joseph R. Parrott. With the outbreak of WWII, she became one of several commercial vessels taken into naval service and converted to large minelayers, commissioning as Salem in August 1942. Early in the war she carried out two minelaying missions, off Casablana and Sicily. By mid-1944 she had transferred to the Pacific, carrying ammunition between the various islands. Late in the year she joined several other large minelayers in being converted to a cargo ship for antisubmarine nets, although she was not redesignated. Salem was renamed Shawmut at the end of the war, with her previous name going to a new cruiser (CA 139). She was quickly taken out of service, and was sold soon after. Her new owners returned to her original civilian name, Joseph R. Parrott, and she continued to operate (apparently in the Central American fruit trade) until 1970.

Correct answers were received from: Yves Grangeon , Howard J Koch , Serge Maliar , Dave Becker , Lance Kopplin, Tom Perkins, John W. Littrell, Paolo Marsan, Czéh György, Ron Cocuzzi, Ed Schweikart, James T. Flynn, Jr., Hunt Lewis, Rusty Bloxom, Gunter Krebs, Barry Gerrard, Paul Campbell, Mike Green, Jouko K. Lehmusto, Robert P. Sables, Stephen M. Willis, Derek Strahan, William F. Fessenden, Bill Deutscher, Brian Corijn, Randall Melton, Bill Vickrey, John Duerkop, Steve Levine, LCDR Bill Marshall, James Corley, Mike Cooper, Jimmy Lee, Ronald C. Ehlert, Ed Greene, Dave Mallinson, Gary Landrum, Dave Cassell, G. Mortus, Mark Karolus, Brian Viglietti, Maurizio Brescia, Chris Finzer, Al Penney, Dwayne Nutting, Bjoern Rehnfeldt, Bob Todd, Dave Spence, Joseph Chase, David Robbins, John K. Maloney, Bill Marty, Rick Barton, Thomas Ruta, Krzysztof Nowak, Bruce Sinclair, William Hoyer, Wolfgang Hopf, Jim Rohde, Richard P. Kaye, Bill Luer, Adam Smigielski, Pete Grassie, CAPT Mike Fitzgerald, Joe Zieba, Paul J. Perkins, Mark Thomas, Scott Lawalin, Benjamin Rockey-Harris, EA MacNeil, Pete Grassie, David Retzki, James E. Smith, Werner L. Stunkel, Wade Armstrong, Donald Peteya, Dan Rausch, Tamara Ounce, Pat Brown, William J. Dutour, Rick Giguere, Javier Hueso, Alan Nummy, Dave Shadell, Ian Evans, Zach Pease, Michaël Hamon, Bob Morris, Mike Richardson, David DeVoss, Bob Harmer, Carsetn Larsen, Jeffrey Arban, Ed Vitali, Rich Austin, Mats Önnby, Dave Buber, P.C. Riddle, Kenji Nozaki, Gerald T Johnson, Chris Woodyard, Joe D, Stefan Devriendt, Richard Lee Wong, Ed Young, Paul Silverstone, Andrzej Jaskula, John M. Shaggy.

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