Haze Gray Mystery Picture #167 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the incomplete large cruiser Hawaii.

Hawaii (CB 3) was the third of the Alaska class large cruisers which were launched in 1943-45. Hawaii's construction was more than 82% complete, including installation of her 12" guns, when she was finally suspended in 1947. An early project to convert Hawaii into a missile test ship resulted in removal of the heavy guns, as seen in this view, but was soon cancelled. Several other conversion ideas, including completion as a command ship (CBC 1) were considered, but none was carried out. Hawaii was stricken in 1958 and scrapped at Baltimore starting in 1960. Her two completed sisterships, Alaska and Guam, met the same fate a year later.

Correct answers were received from: Barry Lake, Dave Shirlaw, Brooks Rowlett, Tom Perkins, David Briedis, Scott Olson, Tom Stoodley, Werner L. Stunkel, Kenji Nozaki, Rob Locke, Akos Gergely, Ewen Scott, James T. Flynn, Jr., Jack Ray, Rick Chiasson, Timothy Nichols, Bob Crawford, Paul Westenskow, Hervie Messier, Lance Kopplin, Bob Harmer, Keith Thompson, Frank Chan, Dave Becker, Jeffrey Arban, J. Coleman, John C. Janeczek, Craig Busack, Mark Robinson, Chris Vallery, Mr. Panda, Maurizio Brescia, Bill Marshall, Bill Hoyer, S.K. Wong, Rick Smith, Bruno Leitão, G.Brock, Curtis Croulet, Larry Enoch, John Downey, William F. Fessenden, Jan-Erik Hultqvist, Jason A. Britton, Bill Blackmer, William A. Mitchell, Yann Clochec, Jay Paugh, Paul Campbell, Arthur J. Cappabianca, Edward Renouard, Yves Grangeon, Stefano Francinetti, Adam Smigielski, John Winsley, Rich Mathsen, Chris Reed, Gary Landrum, Bill Wightman, Paolo Marsan, Jose Rafael Bello, Carlos Noronha, Ron Cocuzzi, William J. Dutour, Kevin Conard, Al Penney, Theodore Leverett, Wells Doty, LCDR Benjamin Hom, John Slocum, Jim Rohde, Rusty Bloxom, Ricardo Cabeza, Patricio Meezs R., Chris Woodyard, John Bradford, John Frohock, Steve Levine, EA MacNeil, Rick Barton, Richard Lee Wong, Antonio Veiga, Andrzej Jaskula, vanloo m, Mark Lawden, Jouko K. Lehmusto, Matthias Busch, Joey Torres, Tim Hogan, Phil DeBecker, Mark Karolus, Dave Mallinson, Wolfgang Hopf, LCDR Bill Marshall, Davide Pagliani, Eric Hansel, Barry Gerrard, Ben M. Kern, Ed Truitt, Carsten Larsen, Carsten Larsen, Tom Carter, Hamish Robertson, Michael Dreiucker, Paul Silverstone, Dave Burhenn, Scott Lawalin.

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