Haze Gray Mystery Picture #165 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the wrecked Soviet battleship Petropavlovsk (Marat).

Petropavlovsk, completed in 1914, was one the first class of Russian dreadnought battleships. She participated in the Russian civil war, and was sunk by British torpedo boats in August 1919. After salvage and repair she was renamed Marat, and underwent a major reconstruction in 1928-1931. On 23 September 1941 she was attacked by German bombers while at Kronshtadt, with the forward part of the hull destroyed, and the ship was partially sunk.

The hulk was employed as a stationary a stationary artillery battery, as seen in this photo, and was named Petropavlovsk again in 1943. By 1950 the hulk was towed to Leningrad, reclassified as an artillery training ship, and once again renamed Volkhov. The tired old ship was finally scrapped in 1953.

Correct answers were received from: Dave Becker, Barry Lake, David Briedis, Valentin Mzareulov, Alex I.Khomenko, Michelangelo Casciano, Eugenio Orsini, Dennis F. Otto, Edmund Jankowski, Matthias Busch, Bob Harmer, Rich Mathsen, Ed Young, Sergey Myagkov, Bjoern Rehnfeldt, Mark Lawden, John Hendershot, Anton Chernetsky, Vladimir Beglov, Siemon Wezeman, Olav A. Røssaak, Denis Zhukov, Dmitry A.Goncharuk, Jeff Noakes, Juha Joutsi, Tom Stoodley, Bill Rhodes, Jouko K. Lehmusto, Stephen Taylor, Yves Grangeon, Jack Ray, Hunt Lewis, Brooks Rowlett, Sopmire, Lukasz Pacholski, Dorian Jung, Edgar Dutkowski, Alexia Reilly, EA MacNeil, Chris Vallery, Rouben H. Jebeyan, B.G.Moth, Lennartg Bjurenäs, Vance Justice, Boris Karnaukh, Valeriy Sedov, Johannes Ritter, John C. Janeczek, Barry Gerrard, Davide Pagliani, Mike Potter, Espen Arnestad, Gunter Krebs, Ian Smith, Eugeny Afanasieff, José Bello, Johan Bertilsson, Mike Doerner, Eric Musgrove, Alex Zhurbal, Ed Truitt, Peter Corbett, Rich Christie, Wal Kurita.

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