Haze Gray Mystery Picture #162 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the Brazlian battleship Riachuelo.

Riachuelo was completed in 1883. Like many ships of the early pre-dreadnought era, her design was unique. She is distinguished by two main gun turrets, offset to port (forward) and to starboard (aft), with a full superstructure deck higher than the turrets, along with twin funnels and a full three-masted rig. The similar but smaller Aquidaban, completed two years later, had only a single funnel. Riachuelo was overhauled and re-armed in 1893-1895, and was scrapped in 1910.

Correct answers were received from: David Briedis, John Duerkop, John W. Littrell, Christopher Olson, Tom Carter, David Retzki, Yves Grangeon, Martin Kaeser, Jouko K. Lehmusto, Marc Nucup, Bob Todd, James T. Flynn, Jr., Bob Harmer, Craig Robbins, Robb Jensen, Grant Volle, Hunt Lewis, Sean T hompson, Yann Clochec, Peter Beeston, Rusty Bloxom, Barry Lake, Helmut Heisler, Stuart Slade, Lars Scharff, Anthony Edgar, Dave Mallinson, James Wade, Bjoern Rehnfeldt, Ed Taillon, Rick Chiasson, Rick Espanol, Werner L. Stunkel, Carsten Larsen, Glen B., Ronald C. Ehlert, Ståle Harang, Arthur M. Feldstein, Adam Smigielski, John Bradford, Aleksey Mikhaylov, Steve Levine, David J Wille, Jim Anderson, John Sweet, Olav A. Røssaak, Carlos Noronha, William Mitchell, Ian Evans, Mike Potter, Peter Corbett.

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