Haze Gray Mystery Picture #161 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the frigate USS Norfolk (DL 1).

Norfolk was a unique ship in the immediate post-WWII experimental era. Originally classed as a "Hunter-Killer Cruiser" (CLK 1), she was reclassified as a large frigate (or destroyer leader) (DL 1) before commissioning. Norfolk was intended as an all-weather, long-range surface ASW ship, a role shown by the prominent pair of Weapon Alpha ASW rocket launchers seen in this view. Another pair of Weapon Alphas were carried forward, along with eight torpedo tubes. Her defensive armament was intended to be four of the new dual 3"/70cal gun mounts, but as seen here, ordinary 3"/50cal mounts were initially fitted until the 70cal weapons were available.

Norfolk was commissioned in 1953 and spent most of her career as an experimental ship, as the concept of fast surface ASW units was overtaken by changes in naval warfare. She was decommissioned in 1970 and scrapped several years later.

Correct answers were received from: Bill Vickrey, Tom Schoene, Barry Lake, John Jeremy, Dave Becker, Steve Levine, Guy Alcala, Yves Grangeon, C.A. Swanson, Alistair J Gunn, Sumihiro Sano, Peter Watson, Sumihiro Sano, James T. Flynn, Jr., Joe Poutre, Kenji Nozaki, Randy Townsend, Dave Shirlaw, Rich Mathsen, Jřrn Kiel Nielsen, EA MacNeil, Ralph L. Snow, Bill Rhodes, Joe Donahoe, Frank M Smith, James Barrett, Chris Jones, David Briedis, Mark Karolus, Bob Harmer, David Siano, James Corley, Rick Barton, Mike Potter, Peter Corbett, Scott Olson, John C. Janeczek, LCDR Benjamin Hom USNR, Hunt Lewis, Mark Robinson, Russ Frevele, Tom Perkins, Maurizio Brescia, Bill Blackmer, Chris Vallery, John B Downey, Tony Simmonds, Scott Odell, David Robbins, Rich Christie, Mal. Wright., Rick Barton, Joey Torres, Tom Carter, JM Serrano, Connie Agresti, Gunter Krebs, Siemon Wezeman, John Winsley, Ed Schweikart, Bob Todd, Marc Nucup, William F. Fessenden, Edward Renouard, Hans-Dieter Krüger, Yann Clochec, Johnny Hartvig Olsen, Friedrich Kappes, James Harrison, Akos Gergely, Jack Dowd, Jon Beach, Rich Austin, Czéh György, Bob Crawford, Reinhart Fenn, Jim Anderson, Theodore Leverett, Robert Dussinger, Tom Gibson, W. Royds, Jouko K. Lehmusto, Adam Smigielski, Stefano Francinetti, Roy L. Leverich, Wells Doty, Dwayne Nutting, Eugenio Orsini, John K. Maloney, Lester L. Stephenson, Lars Eriksson, Rob Day, Tom McCoy, Ian Evans, Arne Sachnussen, Nicholas Lumanlan, Paolo Marsan, Helmut Heisler, Ben M. Kern, George Hubbs, Earnie R. Breeding, Jerry McKinney, Donald Peteya, Chris Galm, Grant Volle, Dave Nilsen, Ed Lilly, Tim Hogan, Nigel Isherwood, Joe Zieba, Barry Gerrard, Kent Eliassen, Howard J Koch, Grzegorz Ochminski, James E. Smith, John Moon, Glen, Rick Heinbaugh, Paul Silverstone, Wolfgang Hopf, Tom Stoodley, Mike Barrett, Darryl L. Baker, Espen Arnestad, Joe Gallagher.

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