Haze Gray Mystery Picture #139 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the experimental ship Winslow (AG 127), formerly a destroyer (DD 359), being towed away for scrap in 1959.

Winslow was one of the eight big Porter-class destroyer leaders constructed in the 1930's. Launched by New York Shipbuilding in 1936 and commissioned the following year, she saw peacetime service in the Atlantic and the Pacific. The outbreak of war found her in the South Atlantic, where she remained for much of the war, before shifting to coastal and North Atlantic escort duties in 1944. In 1945 she underwent a major overhaul at Charleston to prepare her for duty in the Pacific, receiving entirely new armament and a rebuilt superstructure. Peace came before she left the Atlantic, however, and she was assigned to the Operational Development Force in Casco Bay, testing antiaircraft weaponry. For this role she received a new tripod mainmast, visible here between her stacks. Winslow continued experimental work until she entered reserve in 1950; she was stricken in 1957 and sold two years later.

Correct answers were received from: Barry Lake, Dave Becker, William F. Fessenden, Sumihiro Sano, Mike Green, Werner L. Stunkel, Christoph Gaetje, Steven Toby, James T. Flynn, Jr., Maurizio Brescia, Peter VanMaasdam, Espen Arnestad, Rich Austin, Bill Rhodes, Stuart Slade, Hunt Lewis, Dave Burhenn, Brooks A Rowlett, Steve Levine, Joe Zieba, Antonio Veiga, Bill Vickrey, Steve Langevin, James B. Morris, Theodore Leverett, Wolfgang Hopf, Mike Potter, Rick Heinbaugh, Jouko K. Lehmusto, W. C. Deutscher, Grzegorz Nowak, Marc Piché, Tom Hayden, William J. Cooke, Dave Mallinson, Kenji Nozaki, Timothy Nichols, Masaki Ogasawara, James B. Morris, Tom Stoodley, Czéh György, Bob Harmer, Edgar Dutkowski, Rob Day, Bruce T. Swain, Paolo Marsan, Nick L. Snyder, Rick Quijada, Michele D'Urzo, Paul E. Osborne, Lars Scharff, Carl Roland, Brian Curran, Dwayne Nutting, Nigel Isherwood, Mike Cooper.

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