Haze Gray Mystery Picture #135 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the US Navy's pioneering multi-role replenishment oiler, Conecuh (AOR 110).

Conecuh started life as Germany's Dithmarschen, a combination oiler-supply ship completed in 1938. After WWII she was allocated to the US Navy and placed in service in 1946 as IX 301, retaining her original name. The US Navy was interested in developing a multi-role replenishment ship, and Dithmarschen did some experimental work in this area before decommissioning late in 1946. Shortly before decommissioning, she was renamed Conecuh and redesignated AO 110.

In 1952 Conecuh was redesignated AOR 110 and converted for service as a replenishment oiler, entering service in 1953. After three years of service she decommissioned again in 1956 and was stricken in 1960. The concept of a multi-role replenishment ship was carried forward in the later purpose-built AOR and AOE type ships.

Correct answers were received from: Peter Watson, Barry Lake, Barry Gerrard, Howard J Koch, John Hendershot, Gunter Krebs, Kenji Nozaki, Ed Schweikart, Dave Shirlaw, W. van Amstel RNLN, Wade Armstrong, Arthur R. Hoffman, John M. Shaggy, Paul Silverstone, Martin Kser, Theodore Leverett, Ber nard Martin, William J. Cooke, Maurizio Brescia, Javier Hueso, William H. Croft, Jos A. Berenguer Pujadas, Wolfgang Hopf, Antonio Veiga, Mike Potter, Ryan Correll, Werner L. Stunkel, Masaki Ogasawara, Douglas Marsh, Eelke Toering, Czh Gyrgy, Jack Ray, Chris Vallery, Stephen Willis, Johann-Ahlert Bremer, William F. Fessenden, Jack Dowd, Steve Levine, Daniel V. Smith, TJ Simons V, John Winsley, Jens Ratkowski, Bob Thomasson, Tom Hardesty, Tim Crain, Bob Todd, Tim Butler, Scott Odell, John Snyder, James C orley, Ronald C. Ehlert, Ronald Zietz, Randall Melton, Ryan Correll, Andy VanRysdam, Bob Harmer, William A. Mitchell, Doug Cook, Gunter Krebs, Nick L. Snyder, Randy Leo, Rich Austin, Don Campbell, Ville Toivanen, Brooks A Rowlett, Axel Reif, Bill Wightman , W. Royds, Ian Evans, Rick Barton, Warren Cochrane, Sumihiro Sano, Serge Maliar, Sal Mercogliano, John Duerkop, Yves Grangeon, Rich Mathsen, Rick Aimetti.

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