Haze Gray Mystery Picture #132 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the heavy-lift freighter Private Leonard C. Brostrom (T-AK 255).

Brostrom was delivered to the Maritime Commission in 1943 as Marine Eagle, a C4-type tank transport. During WWII she operated in shuttle service across the Atlantic and Pacific, and went into reserve after the war. From 1948 to 1950 she served the US Army as Private Leonard C. Brostrom, then transferred to the Navy. She was converted to a heavy-lift cargo ship in 1953-54, and operated in that role into the 1970's.

Brostrom is distinguished by her heavy-lift booms on her midships kingpost, with a lift capacity of 150 tons. She was a near-sister to Marine Fiddler (T-AK 267), but that ship had a single-level bridge superstructure and a single kingpost forward.

Correct answers were received from: Barry Gerrard, Greg Lof, Mike Potter, Duane Funk, Kenji Nozaki, Richard Ireland, Bob Harmer, Mark Hubbell, Werner L. Stunkel, W. van Amstel, RNLN, Mike Cooper, Ed Schweikart, Paolo Marsan, Rich Austin, Sal Mercogliano, Hunt Lewis, Richard M Boss, Patrick Vera, Paul Silverstone, Mark Lawden, Jouko K Lehmusto, Ville Toivanen, Augusto Moreira Rato, Wade Armstrong, Rob Day, Yves Grangeon, William J. Cooke, Steve Levine, Rick Heinbaugh, Keith Johnson, William F. Fessenden, Eelke Toering, Tim Butler.

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