Haze Gray Mystery Picture #130 Answer


Can You Identify This Ship?

This is the destroyer HMCS Annapolis (I04), formerly USS Mackenzie (DD 175).

Mackenzie was one of the WWI-era "flush deck" destroyers. She was constructed by Union Iron Works, San Francisco, and commissioned in 1919. After only a few years' service, she decommissioned to reserve in 1922. Mackenzie was called back to service in 1939, when she recommissioned and sailed for Halifax, Nova Scotia. There she was turned over to the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Annapolis, one of the 50 flush deck destroyers transferred to Great Britain. Annapolis operated in western Atlantic escort service until 1944, when she became a training ship. She was discarded in 1945.

Annapolis can be identified as a Candian ship (rather than Royal Navy) by her radar outfit. She was one of two Canadian flush deckers to have the fourth boiler and funnel removed.

Correct answers were received from: John Duerkop, Peter Beeston, Mike Potter, Paul Silverstone, Yves Grangeon, Gerrid Carpenter, Ed Schweikart, James T. Flynn, Jr., Javier Hueso, Ed Taillon, T.J. Simons V, Rick Helps, Bob Harmer, Pat Brown, John P.T. Dawson, Jerry Church, Joseph Chase, Espe n Arnestad, David F. Robinson., Antonio Veiga, EA MacNeil, David Briedis, Bill Rhodes, Michael Dreiucker, Terry Wright, John Donnan, Ian Evans, Wolfgang Hopf, Axel Reif, Rick Espanol, Bill Vickrey, Masahiko Toshima, Masaki Ogasawara, Kenji Nozaki, Maurizi o Brescia, Jason A. Britton, Davide Pagliani, Jouko K. Lehmusto, Robert Doiron, Lance Kopplin, Maurizio Brescia, Mike Cooper, Joe Esposito, Hashimoto Motohilo, David DeVoss, Edgar Dutkowski, CDR Mike Fitzgerald, Ronald Zietz, James Doiron, Joshua Hickey, Paul Murphy, Jerry McKinney.

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