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USS Wisconsin

Museum on the Norfolk Waterfront

The battleship USS Wisconsin (BB 64) recently opened as a museum on the Norfolk waterfront, adjacent to Nauticus. Although the ship is still owned by the Navy and maintained in reserve, she is open to the public for touring. This feature shows the veteran ship's arrival at Nauticus, and a look at her current state as a museum ship.

 [THUMBNAIL] Wisconsin under tow to Norfolk Naval Shipyard on 31 May 2000. The battleship had been at Naval Inactive Ships Maintenance Facility Norfolk after being moved from Philadelphia several years ago. She was moved to the shipyard to undergo cosmetic restoration and other work necessary to prepare her for duty as a museum ship.

 [THUMBNAIL] On Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2000, Wisconsin was towed down the Elizabeth River to her new home on the Norfolk waterfront. She is seen here with fireboats rendering a salute.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Tugs maneuver Wisconsin as she approaches her berth alongside the Nauticus.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Wisconsin lies in her new berth as mooring lines are passed, while tugs hold her in position.
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 [THUMBNAIL] The day after her arrival, Wisconsin is seen in her new berth.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Wisconsin in her berth on December 8, as her permanent mooring chains are put in place.
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 [THUMBNAIL] A port-side view of Wisconsin from the adjacent pier.

 [THUMBNAIL] An elevated starboard-side view of the ship's superstructure towering over the waterfront buildings. This view shows her starboard-side 5 inch gun mounts, Armored Box Launchers for Tomahawk missiles, and empty racks for Harpoon missiles. The Phalanx CIWS guns carried during the 1990's have been removed.

 [THUMBNAIL] Wisconsin's #3 16 inch gun turret and after superstructure.

 [THUMBNAIL] The bridge and forward superstructure retain their distinctive shape, despite major modifications and additions over the years. The platform two levels above the forward 5 inch gun mount supported the port forward CIWS gun.

 [THUMBNAIL] View along Wisconsin's starboard side, midships.

 [THUMBNAIL] A classic view from the bow across the forward turrets towards the bridge and superstructure. Note that most of the ship's fire control and search radars are in place, although many of the smaller communicatons antennae have been removed.

 [THUMBNAIL] The corresponding view from the stern, through the guns of #3 turret.

 [THUMBNAIL] A view along the port side from the stern. The #3 turret is at right; the aft-most port side 5 inch mount is at left. One of the port side Tomahawk ABLs is visible atop the superstructure.

 [THUMBNAIL] One of Wisconsin's Armored Box Launchers. Eight of these launchers, each carrying 4 Tomahawk missiles, were fitted in each battleship. The missiles were effectively the ship's main armament during their final service, as they far outranged the guns.

 [THUMBNAIL] The front of an Armored Box Launcher. The missile tubes are concealed behind the doors.

 [THUMBNAIL] Looking forward from the superstructure, across the forward turrets towards the Norfolk waterfront.

 [THUMBNAIL] An imposing view up at Wisconsin's long, narrow bow, a distinguishing feature of the class.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Pioneer RPV on display at Nauticus. These drones were extensively employed by the battleships for gunfire spotting.

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