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Tall Ships 2000

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Part 3
Between July 19-24, the port of Halifax, NS, was invaded by a large fleet of Tall Ships, as a part of Tall Ships 2000. These ships came in all sizes, and represented a large number of different countries. On July 24, they participated in a large sail-past of the Halifax waterfront, and then left to race for their next port of call - Amsterdam.

Tall Ships 2000 Part 3
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A view up the harbour during the Parade of Sail. Bluenose II, Gloria, Concordia, and Kruzenshtern can be seen on their downwind leg.
Lord Nelson, an A-class barque from the UK. Many members of her crew are physically disabled, and Lord Nelson has been altered to allow them easier access..
Mir, an A-class full rigged ship from Russia, as she arrives in Halifax.
Mir at her berth, taken on the morning before the Parade of Sail.
Mir, in silhouette.
Mir sails downwind past the review ship.
The Canadian C-class schooner Mist of Avalon (left) and the A-class schooner Capitan Miranda from Uruguay.
The American A-class brig, Niagara.
A broadside of Niagara.
Oosterschelde, a B-class topsail schooner from the Netherlands.
Picton Castle, an A-class barque based in the Cook Islands, as she arrives in Halifax.
Picton Castle approaches the camera.
A broadside view of Picton Castle.
A final view of Picton Castle as she leaves Halifax Harbour.
Pogoria, a Polish A-class barquentine.
Pogoria sails downwind towards the review vessel.
Pogoria passes the camera, with George's Island in the background.
Pride of Baltimore II, a B-class topsail schooner based in the US.
Pride of Baltimore II in Halifax Harbour.
Pride of Baltimore II passes downwind during the Parade of Sail.
A broadside view of Pride of Baltimore II.
Pride of Baltimore II.
Roald Amundsen, a German A-class brig, as she arrives in Halifax.
Roald Amundsen passes by the review ship, HMCS MONTREAL.
Roald Amundsen during the Parade of Sail.
Sherman Zwicker, a B-class schooner based in the US. She was built in Lunenburg, NS.
Sherman Zwicker passes the camera.
Soren Larsen, a New Zealand based A-class brigantine.
Soren Larsen moving to her berth.
Soren Larsen.
The B-class schooner Spirit of Massachusetts.
A view of three ships involved in the Parade of Sail.

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