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Tall Ships 2000

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Part I
Between July 19-24, the port of Halifax, NS, was invaded by a large fleet of Tall Ships, as a part of Tall Ships 2000. These ships came in all sizes, and represented a large number of different countries. On July 24, they participated in a large sail-past of the Halifax waterfront, and then left to race for their next port of call - Amsterdam.

Tall Ships 2000
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Akogare is an A-class topsail schooner based in Japan. Shown here during the sailpast, she is just passing the reviewing ship.
Another view of Akogare, as she passes George's Island in Halifax Harbour.
A broadside view of Akogare.
Shown here at the wharf, Amerigo Vespucci is an A-class full rigged ship from Italy. She had probably the most ornate decorations of any of the Tall Ships in Halifax. 
Amerigo Vespucci leaves the wharf before participating in the sailpast.
Amerigo Vespucci proceeds up the north side of the harbour.
Amerigo Vespucci, with the Canadian ships Fair Jeanne and Highlander Sea in the background, approaches the review ship.
Amerigo Vespucci aproaching the review ship.
An almost broadside view of Amerigo Vespucci, with George's Island in the background.
A final picture of Amerigo Vespucci as she passes the camera.
Arung Samudera, a B-class three-masted schooner from Indonesia.
A view of Arung Samudera during the Parade of Sail.
Bel Espoir, an A-class topsail schooner from France.
This is Bluenose II, a Canadian B-class schooner. Bluenose II led the Parade of Sail in Halifax. She is a replica of the famous racing schooner Bluenose, which was built in Lunenburg in 1921.
Californian, an American B-class topsail schooner. Built in 1984, she is a replica of the 1849 revenue cutter C.W. Lawrence
Another view of Californian.
Californian (left) and Spirit of Massachusetts.
The C-class ketch Concordia from Norway.
Another vessel named Concordia, this one an A-class barquentine, sailing out of the Bahamas. 
Concordia at her berth.
Concordia passes the camera during the Parade of Sail.
The Dar Mlodziezy, an A-class full rigged ship from Poland. 
The Dar Mlodziezy pulls away from the wharf just prior to the Parade of Sail.
Dar Mlodziezy approaches the review ship during the sailpast.
Dar Mlodziezy, under full sail, passes the camera with George's Island in the background.
An almost broadside view of Dar Mlodziezy. 
The US Coast Guard Barque Eagle, an A-class vessel, sails up the harbour under her stay-sails. She was launched in Germany in 1936 as the Horst Wessel.
Eagle, carrying more sail than in the previous picture, with the review ship HMCS MONTREAL in the background.
An almost broadside view of Eagle with George's Island in the background.
A broadside view of Eagle.
Esmeralda, an A-class barquentine from Chile, at the wharf in Halifax.
Esmeralda, again at the wharf.
Esmeralda pulls away from her berth for the Parade of Sail.
Esmeralda sails downwind.
Esmeralda approaches the camera.
Esmeralda with George's Island behind her.
Esmeralda departs Halifax Harbour.
Esmeralda at left, with Dar Mlodziezy pulling away from the wharf.
Europa, an A-class barque from the Netherlands, passing George's Island.
A view of Europa as she approaches the camera.
Europa from aft.

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