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Seafair 2000

Seattle's Fleet Week

Seafair is community festival held in and around Seattle each year. Seafair is primarily a maritime festival, so there's always a strong representation from the US Navy. One of the highlights of the event is fleet's arrival at Seattle - the ships arrive from in a maritime parade. The Navy allows a limited number of guests aboard the ships during the cruise/parade from Everett to Seattle. The photos in this feature were taken by Roy McBride, who was one of those guests this year. After the cruise/parade, the ships are berthed along the Seattle waterfront for several days, and most are open for public tours.

Ships participating in the fleet parade this year were Higgins (DDG 76), Dubuque (LPD 8), Curts (FFG 38), Harpers Ferry (LSD 49), Shasta (T-AE 33), and Alabama (SSBN 731). Other vessels participating in Seafair inlcuded Constellation (CV 64), USCGC Steadfast (WMEC 623), HMCS Whitehorse (MM 705), and HMCS Nanaimo (MM 702).

 [THUMBNAIL] The Colors lead the Seafair Parade, marking the start of Seafair 2000, 29 July 2000.

 [THUMBNAIL] Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) at Everett, WA, prior to Seafair, 29 July 2000.

 [THUMBNAIL] Abraham Lincoln at Everett the morning of the Seafair cruise, 2 August 2000.

 [THUMBNAIL] Guests stand in line to board Curts (FFG 38) for the Seafair cruise. Curts is at right, outboard of Ingraham (FFG 61).

 [THUMBNAIL] Curts receiving guests for the Seafair cruise. She is outboard of Ingraham. This view was taken from Harpers Ferry.

 [THUMBNAIL] Ford (FFG 54) pierside at Everett, 2 August 2000.

 [THUMBNAIL] Guests line up to board Harpers Ferry (LSD 49) for the Seafair cruise.

 [THUMBNAIL] Guests aboard Harpers Ferry relax on the flight deck.

 [THUMBNAIL] The harbor tug Pawhuska (YTB 822) assists Harpers Ferry away from the pier as she gets underway for the Seafair cruise.

 [THUMBNAIL] Curts gets underway for the Seafair cruise.

 [THUMBNAIL] Another view of Curts leaving Everett.

 [THUMBNAIL] Alabama (SSBN 731) underway in Puget Sound just prior to joining the parade of ships.

 [THUMBNAIL] The parade of ships heads into Elliott Bay, en route to downtown Seattle. Higgins (DDG 76) is leading the parade, followed by Dubuque (LPD 8), Curts (FFG 38), Harpers Ferry (LSD 49), Shasta (T-AE 33), and Alabama (SSBN 731).

 [THUMBNAIL] The parade approaches downtown Seattle as an SH-60B helicopter flies overhead.

 [THUMBNAIL] Higgins leads the parade past the Seattle waterfront.

 [THUMBNAIL] Curts approaches the Seattle waterfront and passes the famous Space Needle.

 [THUMBNAIL] A closeup view of Higgins along the Seattle waterfront.

 [THUMBNAIL] Dubuque with the Seattle skyline in the background.

 [THUMBNAIL] Dubuque passing the Space Needle.

 [THUMBNAIL] Shasta (T-AE 33) approaches Harpers Ferry from astern.

 [THUMBNAIL] Alabama (SSBN 731) brings up the rear of the parade, with the crew mustered on deck.

 [THUMBNAIL] LCAC 42, an air-cushion (hovercraft) landing craft from Harpers Ferry, performed during the Seafair cruise.

 [THUMBNAIL] LCAC 42 demonstrates her ability to 'fly' sideways.

 [THUMBNAIL] LCAC 42 makes a high-speed pass by Harpers Ferry.

 [THUMBNAIL] LCAC 42 is nearly hidden by a spray as she performs her maneuvers.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Navy SH-60B put on an aerial performance during the cruise.

 [THUMBNAIL] An S-3B Viking takes off from a carrier during a previous Seafair, to the delight of the watching crowds.

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