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Guided Missile Submarines

 [THUMBNAIL] A 'WHISKEY Long Bin' (Project 665) class guided missile submarine in a Soviet port. Six 'WHISKEY' class attack submarines underwent the 'Long Bin' conversion in 1961-63, providing them with 4 SS-N-3 SSMs. These were the first SSGs in Soviet service, and presumably served as a proving ground for the 'ECHO' and 'JULIETT' class boats, which came into service a short time later.

 [THUMBNAIL] A 'WHISKEY Long Bin', providing a good view of the sail modifications needed to accommodate the SS-N-3.

 [THUMBNAIL] Another 'WHISKEY Long Bin'.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Project 651 'JULIETT' class guided missile submarine. This design was essentially a non-nuclear version of the 'ECHO' class SSGN. Originally intended to carry 6 SS-N-12 missiles, they were completed with four SS-N-3, due to developmental problems with the SS-N-12.

 [THUMBNAIL] An overhead view of a "JULIETT'. The SS-N-3 missiles are carried in elevating deck-mounted launchers, one launcher (two missiles) ahead of the sail and one aft. The large 'notches' behind the launchers are blast deflectors.

 [THUMBNAIL] Another overhead of a 'JULIETT'

 [THUMBNAIL] A 'JULIETT' at sea with surface ships. These boats were intended for an anti-ship role, presumably in support of the Soviet surface fleet.

 [THUMBNAIL] Closeup of a 'JULIETT' sail and forward missiles.

 [THUMBNAIL] The 'Front Door/Front Piece' missile guidance radar, housed in the forward part of a JULIETT's sail. This radar was protected by a swing-away door when not in use.

 [THUMBNAIL] Another view of the 'Front Door/Front Piece' radar.

 [THUMBNAIL] A final view of a 'JULIETT' at sea.

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