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 [THUMBNAIL] A 'WHISKEY' (Project 613) class submarine seen in January 1969. The first Soviet subs of postwar design, 215 of these boats were built in 1951-56, leading to serious US concerns about the Soviet sub fleet. Many of these boats were transferred abroad, and many others were converted for various specialty roles in the Soviet navy.

 [THUMBNAIL] A color version of the previous photo.

 [THUMBNAIL] Another 'WHISKEY' on the surface, operating with a helicopter. This is probably a 'WHISKEY III' variant, which lacked the deck guns of the original 'I' and 'II' versions, but retained the deck platform for the gun, aft of the sail.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Another 'WHISKEY' surfaced. This is a 'WHISKEY V', a fully streamlined version with no provision for gun armament.
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 [THUMBNAIL] A stern quarter view of a 'WHISKEY' underway.

 [THUMBNAIL] A modified Project 633 'ROMEO' class submarine and a 'WHISKEY' class boat. This was probably the last 'WHISKEY' remaining in service; she may have been serving as a stationary training ship. The modified 'ROMEO' was fitted with a massive launcher structure on the bow, for weapons tests. The date of this photo is unknown, but it may have been taken around 1997, when a 'ROMEO' and a 'WHISKEY' were reported in use as training ships at Sevastopol.

 [THUMBNAIL] A 'ROMEO' (Project 633) class submarine. The 'ROMEO' was essentially an improved version of the 'WHISKEY' class. Like their predecessors, these boats were sold to several foreign countries after their Soviet service.

 [THUMBNAIL] A 'ROMEO' running nearly awash.

 [THUMBNAIL] An overhead stern quarter view of a 'ROMEO'.

 [THUMBNAIL] A 'FOXTROT' (Project 641) class submarine at sea. The 'FOXTROT' class, built in 1961-1971, was the last major class of oceangoing diesel-electric submarines in the Soviet navy. They were successors to the 'ZULU' class boats, which had been contemporaries of the 'FOXTROT' class. All subsequent oceangoing Soviet submarine classes were nuclear powered.

 [THUMBNAIL] A color photo of a 'FOXTROT'. There is a sonar array mounted at the bow, and additional arrays are located on the sail.

 [THUMBNAIL] An overhead view of a 'FOXTROT', emphasizing the boat's traditional "fleet boat" lines.

 [THUMBNAIL] An overhead bow view of a 'FOXTROT'. The bow sonar arrays are well displayed in this view.

 [THUMBNAIL] A 'FOXTROT' underway.

 [THUMBNAIL] Another overhead bow view of a 'FOXTROT'.

 [THUMBNAIL] A broadside 'FOXTROT' photo.

 [THUMBNAIL] A well-worn 'FOXTROT' in the Mediterranean 30 December 1971.

 [THUMBNAIL] Torpedo room of a 'FOXTROT' class submarine at Sevastopol, 8/1995. Photo by Bill McGonegal.

 [THUMBNAIL] A 'TANGO' class (Project 641 BUKI "Som") submarine. These subs were improvised, possibly for coastal use in defense of 'DELTA' class SSBNs, from 'FOXTROT' and 'JULIETT' components and hull sections. "Project 641 BUKI" indicates, with respect to the Project 641 'FOXTROT', an armament change (B), englarged (U), a new command system (K), and that this was an emergency design (I). In addition to conventional torpedoes, they reportedly carried the SS-N-15 SSM.

 [THUMBNAIL] A broadside view of a 'TANGO' at sea.

 [THUMBNAIL] A water-level view of a 'TANGO'.

 [THUMBNAIL] A stern view of a 'TANGO'
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 [THUMBNAIL] An overhead view of a 'TANGO'.

 [THUMBNAIL] Closeup of a 'TANGO' sail.

 [THUMBNAIL] Stern quarter view of a 'TANGO'

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