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 [THUMBNAIL] A Project 133.2 'PARCHIM II' class corvette on the Neva River, St. Petersburg, 7/1995. These corvettes, built in East Germany, were inferior to the Soviet equivalent, the 'GRISHA' class. They were apparently acquired as a form of foreign aid for East Germany.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Project 1234 "Ovod" 'NANUCHKA' class missile corvette. These small vessels carried 6 SS-N-9 SSM and the SA-N-4 SAM; they were capable of long-distance deployments. Unfortunately they proved to be poor seaboats and their engines were unreliable. These boats were built in several versions and exported extensively.

 [THUMBNAIL] Project 1241.1 "Molniya-1" 'TARANTUL' class (left) and Project 1234 "Ovod" 'NANUCHKA' class (right) missile corvettes at Sevastopol, 8/1995. 'TARANTUL' is a large missile boat or small corvette, fast and relatively well armed. It replaces the venerable 'OSA' series of FACs.

 [THUMBNAIL] Bora, a Project 1239 "Sivuch" 'DERGACH' class missile corvette at Sevastopol, 8/1995. This high-speed surface-effect-ship was meant to lead coastal missile squadrons, but suffered from severe vibration, and the program was cancelled after two vessels were built.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Project 205M 'OSA II' fast attack craft, missile (FAC[M]) under tow. These small, high speed boats, carrying four SS-N-2 'Styx' SSMs, have been exported widely. They have now been replaced in Russian service by the 'TARANTULs', which carry the same SSM armament, plus SAMs, on larger, faster, more durable hull.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Project 206 'SHERSEN' class torpedo boat underway. The 'SHERSEN' is the torpedo-armed version of the 'OSA' class, using the same hull; 'MOL', 'BOGOMOL', 'TURYA', 'MATKA' and 'STENKA' classes also use this hull. The 'SHERSEN' design was produced in large numbers, both for Soviet use and for export.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Another 'SHERSEN' underway.
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