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 [THUMBNAIL] Project 50 'RIGA' class frigate SKR-874 in the Mediterranean 14 October 1967. A smaller version of the previous 'KOLA' class frigate, these ships were intended for general coastal and near-shore patrol work.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Project 159 'PETYA I' class ASW frigate underway. Essentially a successor to the 'RIGA' designed for ASW operations, these patrol craft were extensively exported.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Project 35 'MIRKA' class frigate. The 'MIRKAs' were built on the 'PETYA' hull, with similar armament but a different propulsion system. The raised housing at the stern houses her gas turbine engines.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Project 35M 'MIRKA II' class frigate. The 'MIRKA II' substituted additional torpedo tubes for some of the ASW rocket launchers carried by the 'MIRKA'.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Project 1135 "Burevestnik" 'KRIVAK I' class frigate at sea. The 'KRIVAKs' were ASW-oriented frigates designed as replacements for the 'RIGA' line. In the end they were three times as large as the ships they replaced. They were initially classed as large ASW ships (BPK), but this was later changed to Storozhevoy Korbal' (SKR; Large Patrol Ship), more truly reflecting thier role. The large launcher forward houses SS-N-14 missiles.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Ukrainian Project 1135.5 "Nerei" 'KRIVAK III' frigate Hetman Sagaidachny at Sevastopol, 8/1995. The 'KRIVAK III' was a 1980's redesign of the 1970's 'KRIVAK I' design. These were relatively lightly armed vessels, operated by the KGB for border patrol duties and classed PSKR. The last two ships of the class were taken over by Ukraine; modified versions are in production for India.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Russian 'KRIVAK I' underway in the Baltic in 1996.

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