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 [THUMBNAIL] SS-N-14 Silex missile launcher aboard the 'KARA' class cruiser Kerch at Sevastopol, 8/1995. The two missiles on the left are anti-ship missiles (SSM); the two on the right are anti-submarine (ASW) missiles. Most references do not list the SSM variant of this missile. The apparent difference between top and bottom missiles is an illusion of the lens.

[THUMBNAIL] SS-N-14 Silex ASW missile.

 [THUMBNAIL] Another view of the SS-N-14 Silex ASW missile.

 [THUMBNAIL] A third view of the SS-N-14 Silex ASW missile.


 [THUMBNAIL] Rear of SS-N-14 Silex missiles. This is the inboard, upper missile aboard Kerch, the ASW variant of the SS-N-14.

[THUMBNAIL] SS-N-22/3M-80 Sunburn/Moskit SSM launcher aboard the Sovremennyy class destroyer Bespokoynyy, 11 July 1998. The SS-N-22 is a potent modern SSM, and is fitted in several Russian ship classes.

[THUMBNAIL] An SA-N-7/9M-38 Gadfly/Smerch SAM on a 9K-90 Uragan launcher aboardBespokoynyy.

[THUMBNAIL] Bespokoynyy's other SA-N-7/9M-38 launcher, without a missile.

[THUMBNAIL] A dual 130mm/54cal AK-130 dual-purpose gun mount aboard Bespokoynyy. The Sovremennyy class destroyers have two of these rapid-fire mounts, the largest guns in Russian service.

[THUMBNAIL] A second view of Bespokoynyy's AK-130.

[THUMBNAIL] A third view of the AK-130.

[THUMBNAIL] One of Bespokoynyy's 30mm/54cal AK-630M gatling CIWS systems. Four of these guns are fitted, providing all-around coverage.

[THUMBNAIL] A 45mm Type 21-Km saluting gun aboard Bespokoynyy.

[THUMBNAIL] Two of Bespokoynyy's 533mm torpedo tubes. Two dual mounts are fitted.

 [THUMBNAIL] RBU-1000 ASW rocket launcher aboard the cruiser Kerch, Sevastopol, 8/1995.

[THUMBNAIL] Another RBU-1000, this one aboard Bespokoynyy.

 [THUMBNAIL] 'Head Lights C' guidance radar aboard the cruiser Kerch, Sevastopol, 8/1995.

 [THUMBNAIL] SA-N-3 Goblet missile aboard a Moskva class helicopter cruiser. A 'Head Lights' guidance radar is in the background.

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