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 [THUMBNAIL] Yak-36 'Forger' at an air museum near Moscow, 8/1995. The Soviet attempt at a Harrier-like VSTOL aircraft, the Yak-38 was less than successful and has been retired.

 [THUMBNAIL] A group of Yak-36 'Forgers' aboard the VSTOL cruiser Minsk.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Ka-25 'Hormone' ASW helicopter at an air museum near Moscow, 8/1995. The Soviet counterpart of the US SH-3 and other western ASW helicopters.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Ka-27 'Helix-A' ASW helicopter in flight. The Ka-27 is a more modern successor to the Ka-25 'Hormone', but is of largely the same size and overall configuration due to hangar space restrictions.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Ka-32 'Helix' SAR helo aboard the VSTOL cruiser Novorossiysk, 10/1983.
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 [THUMBNAIL] An Su-17 'Fitter' fighter-bomber. These aircraft, employed primarily in the maritime strike role, were transferred from the Soviet air force to serve in naval aviation.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Be-12 'Mail' flying boat at an air museum near Moscow, 8/1995. A Soviet counterpart to the US P-2 Neptune, with a boat hull.

 [THUMBNAIL] A Soviet Tu-16 'Badger' bomber in flight. These large bombers, each carring two large anti-ship missiles, were a major threat to US operations in the North Atlantic during the Cold War.
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 [THUMBNAIL] Another view of a Tu-16 'Badger' in flight.
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 [THUMBNAIL] A Soviet Tu-95 or Tu-142 'Bear' in flight. The 'Bear' served in various roles, maritime reconnaissance/surveillance, ASW, and communications relay among them. This huge turboprop aircraft posessed extremely long range.
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 [THUMBNAIL] A huge AS-4 'Kitchen' anti-ship missile carried on a Tu-22 'Backfire' bomber. The 'Kitchen' was one of several Soveit anti-ship missiles featuring massive size, high speed and a large warhead. The 'Backfire' was the most modern and fastest (Mach 2.0) of the Soviet maritime strike bombers. The missile in this photo is marked "Uchebnaya" ("exercise"), indicating it is an unarmed training version.

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