Haze Gray Photo Feature

Soviet & Russian Navy

1950's through 1990's

This feature presents a series of 290+ photos covering a variety of Soviet/Russian warships from the 1950's through the current day. Many of these photos can be considered rare, and some details shown here have never before been seen in the West.

Photos are separated by ship types, and arranged in general chronological order by ship design within each category. Most photos are approximate 800-900 pixels in size (50-80 Kb). Larger versions of some photos (1200-1500 pixels, 120+ kb) are available by clicking on the "Jumbo Image" links.

Each ship is identified by name (if known), Soviet project number & project name, NATO class name, and Soviet type designation. Ship names are in italics, Soviet project names are in "double quotes and italics", and NATO class names are in single quotes and 'CAPITALS'.

Photo Credits: Most of these photos are US Navy Official photos, many of which were provided by Brooks Rowlett and Chris Cavas; the others were obtained from various sources. Some of the more recent photos were taken by other photographers, who have generously provided copies for this site. All of these photographs are credited to those photographers, and are copyright protected.

These photos are by no means representative of all Soviet/Russian ships. If you would like to contribute additional photos, particularly 1990's photos or photos of under-represented ship types, please drop me an email.

Other sites with related information/photos:

 [THUMBNAIL] 'TYPHOON' Class Ballistic Missile Submarines (7 photos)
 [THUMBNAIL] Aviation Cruisers & Carriers (19 photos)
Classes: Moskva, Kiev, Kuznetsov.
 [THUMBNAIL] Ballistic Missile Submarines (29 photos)
Classes: 'GOLF', 'HOTEL', 'YANKEE', 'DELTA'.
 [THUMBNAIL] Gun Cruisers (9 photos)
Classes: Aurora, Maxim Gorkyy, Sverdlov.
 [THUMBNAIL] Guided Missile Submarines - Nuclear Powered (27 photos)
Classes: 'ECHO II', 'CHARLIE', 'PAPA', 'OSCAR'.
 [THUMBNAIL] Rocket Ships/Cruisers (27 photos)
Classes: 'KILDIN', 'KYNDA', 'KRESTA I', 'MOD KASHIN', Slava, Sovremmennyy, Kirov.
 [THUMBNAIL] Guided Missile Submarines (11 photos)
Classes: 'WHISKEY Long Bin', 'JULIETT'.
 [THUMBNAIL] ASW Ships/Destoyers (23 photos)
Classes: Skoryy, 'KOTLIN', 'KANIN', 'KASHIN', 'KRESTA II', 'KARA', Udaloy
 [THUMBNAIL] Attack Submarines - Nuclear Powered (33 photos)
 [THUMBNAIL] Frigates (7 photos)
Classes: 'RIGA', 'PETYA', 'MIRKA', 'KRIVAK'.
 [THUMBNAIL] 'KILO' Class Submarines (8 photos)
 [THUMBNAIL] Patrol Combatants (7 photos)
 [THUMBNAIL] Conventional Submarines (26 photos)
 [THUMBNAIL] Amphibious Warfare Ships (7 photos)
Classes: Ivan Rogov, 'ROPUCHA', 'ALLIGATOR', 'AIST', 'POMORNIK'.
 [THUMBNAIL] Special Purpose Submarines (14 photos)
Classes: 'GOLF SSQ', 'INDIA', 'BELUGA', 'LIMA', Modified 'ROMEO', midget subs.
 [THUMBNAIL] Naval Auxiliaries (8 photos)
Classes: 'KAPUSTA', Berezina, Dubna, 'BAL'ZAM', El'brus, Marshall Nedelin.
 [THUMBNAIL] Weapons & Equipment (19 photos)
Close-up views of various shipboard weapons and eqiupment.
 [THUMBNAIL] Naval Aircraft (11 photos)
Various naval aircraft, both carrier- and land-based.

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