Haze Gray Photo Feature

ROK Navy Visits Vancouver

Host Ship - HMCS Regina (FFH 334)

 [THUMBNAIL] A port bow view of Regina from a small boat.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] Port quarter view of Regina.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] Stern view of Regina taken from the Korean ships.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] A closeup of the 57mm/70cal Bofors gun.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] One of Regina's four SLQ-502 Shield-II decoy launchers.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] A closeup view of Regina's 20mm Phalanx CIWS.
[Hi-Rez Image]

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