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ROK Navy Visits Vancouver

Frigate Chung-Ju (FF 961)

 [THUMBNAIL] A bow view of the frigate Chung-Ju. Chung-Ju is Korea's newest frigate, commissioned in 1993. She is the final ship of a class of nine 2,180 ton general-purpose frigates, the first major combatants of South Korean design.
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 [THUMBNAIL] View from the bow looking aft towards the forward guns and the bridge. The lower gun is the popular 3 inch (76mm) OTO Compact, and the upper is a dual 40mm OTO mount - one of three carried by the ship.
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 [THUMBNAIL] A closeup view of the bridge, and 76mm and 40mm guns.
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 [THUMBNAIL] A view of the mast and the various radars and other antennas. The large masthead dome houses one of the main fire control radars.
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 [THUMBNAIL] The ship carries a second 76mm gun and two additional 40mm mounts at the stern. 8 Harpoon missiles are carried midships, barely visible here.
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 [THUMBNAIL] An overhead view of the aft 40mm mounts and a small fire control radar.

 [THUMBNAIL] Closeup view of the aft 76mm gun.
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