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ROK Navy Visits Vancouver

Replenishent Oiler Tae Cheong (AOE 58)

 [THUMBNAIL] A starboard-side view of Tae Cheong. Tae Cheong is one of South Korea's three modern replenishment oilers. They are 9,000 ton ships which carry both fuel and solid stores; they have four UNREP stations, two each for solid cargoes and for fuels. Tae Cheong was commissioned in 1998.
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 [THUMBNAIL] A view of Tae Cheong's superstructure and aft UNREP kingposts, from a small boat.
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 [THUMBNAIL] One of the UNREP kingposts and the ship's superstructure beyond.
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 [THUMBNAIL] View from a small boat looking up towards the ship's helo deck.
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 [THUMBNAIL] View over the bow from the forward deckhouse. Note the gun barrel at right.

 [THUMBNAIL] Looking up at the forward 40mm gun mount from the bow. The ship has two such mounts, fore and aft. UNREP kingposts project behind the mount.
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 [THUMBNAIL] A closeup view of the forward 40mm mount.

 [THUMBNAIL] One of the ship's two 20mm Gatling gun mounts. Unlike the CIWS-type mounts, these are manually-operated guns with an operator in the mount.

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