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Republic of Korea Navy visits Vancouver

Three ships of the Republic Of Korea (South Korean) Navy visited Vancouver, BC, from November 12, 2000 to November 15, 2000. The ships - the destroyer Kwanggaeto (DD 971), frigate Chung-Ju (FF 961), and replenishment oiler Tae Cheong (AOE 58) are among the newest in their Navy, and provided an an excellent chance to see the latest Korean warships. HMCS Regina (FFH 334) was the host ship for the visit. During the visit, Korean sailors and members of the Korean Veterans' Association of Canada laid a wreath at Mountain View Cemetery to honor Canadians killed during the Korean War.

While in Vancouver, the ships welcomed visitors aboard. The crews were very accommodating, even taking the photographer out in a boat to photograph the ships from the water. In this feature Roy McBride, our west coast photographer, shows all three Korean ships, plus the Canadian host ship.

 [THUMBNAIL] Destroyer Kwanggaeto (DD 971)

 [THUMBNAIL] Frigate Chung-Ju (FF 961)

 [THUMBNAIL] Replenishment Oiler Tae Cheong (AOE 58)

 [THUMBNAIL] Frigate HMCS Regina (FFH 334)
Host Ship

 [THUMBNAIL] An overall view of the entire group. Kwanggaeto is at center, with Chung-Ju inboard and Tae Cheong beyond.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] A bow-on view of the three Korean ships.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] A view across the ships' sterns. Chung-Ju is nearest, followed by Kwanggaeto and Tae Cheong.
[Hi-Rez Image]

 [THUMBNAIL] A group of models on display aboard one of the ships. The model at center is a Type 209 submarine (of which the ROK has a total of 9 built or ordered); the model at right is the submarine rescue ship Cheonghaejin (ARS 21).

 [THUMBNAIL] A model of the destroyer Kwanggaeto (DD 971).

 [THUMBNAIL] The South Korean sailors who took the photographer out in a boat to photograph the ships from the water.

 [THUMBNAIL] Tae Cheong's boat.

 [THUMBNAIL] View from the boat, looking back towards Vancouver.

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