USS YORKTOWN (CG 48) is one of the TICONDEROGA (CG 47) class of AAW cruisers serving with the US Navy. YORKTOWN was alongside Pier 21 in Halifax on several occasions during the summer of 1998. YORKTOWN is currently the test platform for SMARTSHIP, a system that extensively computerizes many aspects of a ships operation, thus allowing for a dramatic reduction in the number of crew members needed to operate the ship.

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Looking aft along YORKTOWN's foredeck. The 5"/54 gun can be seen, and behind it the Mk.26 missile launcher for the SM-2(MR) missile. The hexagonal shape on the superstructure is the RCA SPY-1A 3D phased array radar; there are four of these radars on the ship, each pointed in a different direction. To the left of the photo if the SPRUANCE class destroyer ARTHUR RADFORD, which is a test bed for a new stealth mast. 
A close-up of the 5"/54 Mk.45 Mod 0 gun. CG 51 onwards have the Mod 1.
A close-up of the Mk.26 Mod 5 twin-arm missile launcher. CG 52 onwards have a Mk.41 VLS instead of the older and less reliable Mk.26, and the first five of the class lacking VLS have been mostly relegated to coast guard-like duties, including anti-drug patrol in the Caribbean. The Mk.26 is also considerably slower than the Mk.41, as the arms have to return to the position shown to reload. 
Looking aft along the port side interior at deck level. The history of all the ships named YORKTOWN to serve in the US Navy is displayed on the walls here. Down the passage to the right of this photo is the ship's store, where one can purchase anything from souvenirs to laptop computers.
Unlike other members of the class, YORKTOWN's bridge features the controls and displays of the SMARTSHIP system, seen here at right. 
Taken from the starboard bridge wing, this shot looks up at the forward mast and the Raytheon/RCA SPG 62 fire control radar. The SPG 62 illuminates the target during the terminal stage of the missile's flight so that the missile can home in on the target. The left dome shown above the SPG 62 is the SPQ 9A fire control radar.
Not for those afraid of heights, part of the bridge wing extends out over the side of the ship. The rail shown in this shot is at the edge of the superstructure. The E's painted on the rail are Battle 'E's, or readiness awards, and each colour represents a different division on the ship (i.e. engineering, etc).
Looking aft along the port side.
From the starboard bridge wing looking aft, the starboard Phalanx CIWS is visible, as well as the main mast. The port Phalanx can just be seen to the far right. The open area at the bottom is often used as an exercise space by the crew, and the dish antenna to right of the starboard Phalanx is for dedicated ship-to-shore communications for the crew. At the bottom left is the SLQ 32, a powerful electronic warfare system.
The main mast is to the left, and the two aft SPG 62 fire control radars are visible in this view taken down the port side looking aft.
Looking up the main mast from directly beneath. This was the last ship to have the square mast, as all the following ships have a tripod.
The SH-60B LAMPS III Seahawk helicopter is shown here in one of YORKTOWN's two hangars.
The Seahawk again. Even folded up as it is, these pictures show how tight a fit the Seahawk is in this hangar.
Looking forward from the quarterdeck. The man in this shot is standing on the flight deck, with one open hangar door behind him. The aft SPY 1A radar is above him. To the right of the SPY, and behind the satellite com aerial, the aft funnel can just be seen. The bulky mast to the right belongs to RADFORD. 
The aft Mk.26 missile launcher. The Mk.26 ships have a magazine of 68 SM-2s, while the VLS ships can carry up to 122.
The aft 5"/54 gun, with the Harpoon anti-surface missile launcher tubes far aft on the stern.
YORKTOWN sits at Pier 21 in Halifax during MARCOT '98.
A close-up of YORKTOWN's starboard aft 3/4. The Raytheon SPS 49 (V) 7 long range air search radar can be seen  on the aft end of the main mast in the top right of the photo. 

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