USS STARK (FFG 31) is one of the Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG 7) class of ASW frigates serving the US Navy. STARK was at HMC Dockyard in Halifax, NS, on May 29, 1997.

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Looking forward along STARK's starboard deck. Bottom right is the Mk.32 triple torpedo mount. Sandy McClearn photo.
STARK rafted up outside of HMCS WINNIPEG. Sandy McClearn photo.
STARK's bridge. Sandy McClearn photo.
From the starboard side, looking aft along the top deck. The mainmast is at right. Sandy McClearn photo.
From the starboard side, looking forward on the top deck. To left is the mast supporting the Raytheon SPS-49(V)4, and the Sperry Mk.92 (version of Signaal WM 25) director top centre. The black hose at bottom centre is the RAS (replenishment-at-sea) refuelling station. Sandy McClearn photo.
Looking forward along the starboard side; the OTO Melara 76mm/62 Mk.75 gun is just visible ahead of the funnel and aft of the fire control director. WINNIPEG's funnel and mast are visible in the background. Sandy McClearn photo.
Looking forward again, the Lockheed STIR (modified SPG 60) can be seen aft of the mainmast. Sandy McClearn photo.
Looking aft from the bow: the Mk.13 Mod 4 "one-armed bandit" launcher in front of the bridge can launch both SM-1MR SAMs and Harpoon SSMs. The Mk.92 (WM 25) is visible atop the bridge. Sandy McClearn photo.
The hangar and helicopter deck on STARK. Top centre is the Phalanx Mk.15 20mm CIWS cannon. STARK is a short-hull Perry frigate, which means that she lacks the RAST apparatus for aiding helicopter landings. Therefore the large SH-60 Seahawk helo is not carried. On this deployment, she carried an Army helo instead, although it was not aboard during this tour. Sandy McClearn photo.
STARK is rafted up outside HMCS WINNIPEG. And no, this shot was not taken at an angle. The ships were both listing. Honest! Sandy McClearn photo.

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