SACRAMENTO class replenishment ship (AOE)

The SACRAMENTO class are large and fast fleet replenishment vessels which the USN had built in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Built with steam propulsion, these ships are rather old now, but will undergo extensive refits starting in 1999. USS DETROIT (AOE 4) participated in MARCOT '98, and was at HMC Dockyard in Halifax during the summer. DETROIT and her sisters are vital to the USN, carrying the fuel and dry stores needed to keep ships at sea. She was not open to the public, but pictures taken from the wharf are shown here.

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The forward superstructure and bow of DETROIT. The Mk.29 Sea Sparrow octuple launcher is ahead of the bridge on the main deck, the the two associated Mk.91 fire control radars are on top of the superstructure on either side of the SLQ 32(V)3 electronic warfare unit (ahead of the mast). The forward mast carrying RAS (Replenishment At Sea) gear is visible just aft of the superstructure. 
Although the first two of the class have a large SPS 40 air search radar, DETROIT seems to possess only a surface search and local air search radar on the mast near the top of the picture. A saluting gun is visible to the left of this photo on the main deck. 
Looking forward along the port side, the three helicopter hangars are visible. The holes for launching the SLQ 25 Nixie torpedo decoy are visible in the transom on the starboard side.
This shot looks aft along the port side. One of DETROIT's two Phalanx CIWS cannons is visible at the aft end of the ship atop the hangar, on the port side of the ship. The other is on the forward superstructure, on the starboard side (barely visible in the first picture in this series). The rest of the stores handling equipment is visible in this shot. 

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