USS INCHON (MCS 12) was a member of the IWO JIMA class of helicopter assault ships (LPH) serving with the US Navy starting in the early 1970s.  INCHON was converted to a mine countermeasures support ship in 1996, and is now the last of her class in active service. INCHON was alongside Pier 21 and HMC Dockyard in Halifax on several occasions during the summer of 1998 while participating in MARCOT '98.

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INCHON's bow. 
Looking up the starboard side of the superstructure (island). The windows on the left of the picture are for the bridge, and the SPS 40E air search radar is visible above the bridge in the middle of the photo. The SLQ 32(V)3 electronic warfare unit is on the platform to the left of the photo, and two saluting guns are visible at the bottom of the photo on either side of the life rafts. 
 Looking aft along the starboard side. 
Again looking up at the island, this time from aft. The hydraulic crane is seen here, with a large SATCOM dome immediately above it. The SLQ 32(V)3 is again visible, this time to the right of the photo on the platform jutting out over the side. 
This shot looks aft along the starboard side. This shows the starboard Phalanx 20mm CIWS (one of two), and the SPS 40E is right above it. 
Looking forward from the stern; a large elevator platform protrudes from the side at deck level. 
Looking aft along the starboard side again.
Taken from YORKTOWN, this shot shows INCHON's stern.
This photo looks into INCHON's hangar from the wharf. 
Taken from where the gangway enters the ship, this shot looks aft in the ship's main hangar. It is also used to store far more than just helicopters. 
A typical passageway in INCHON, this should have been taken forward of the hangar looking forward. 
This is one of the hydrofoil sleds that INCHON's helicopters (H-53E Sea Stallions) tow in the course of their minesweeping duties. The foils currently point into the air to facilitate transport, but swing down when the sled is in the water. This shot looks aft.
The view from the bridge, looking forward along the flight deck. 
This is the forward section of the bridge, looking to starboard. The compass in front of the helm station is shown to right, and the computerized chart navigation display is at the centre of the photo. 
Taken from the aft starboard side of the bridge looking forward, the helm station is in evidence. The captain's chair is behind the woman on the left (on the port side of the bridge), and if she wasn't in the way it would become evident that the captain's chair is in fact a real Laz-Y-Boy; Rank Hath Its Privileges!
This picture looks aft along the flight deck, from the port bridge wing on the island. An H-46 Sea Knight is in evidence in the immediate foreground, while several H-53E Sea Stallions litter the deck at the stern and amidships. 
This shot looks up the mast from the bridge wing; the dome on the lower right is what looks like an INMARSAT antenna. 
Again from the port bridge wing, just aft of the bridge, this photo looks up at the SPS 40E air search radar.
This is the Air Bosses' hut, at the aft end of the island (and at the opposite end of the port bridge wing from the bridge); this is where all inboard flight and landing operations on INCHON are controlled and monitored. 
This is the view from the Air Bosses' hut, looking aft; the SATCOM dome is at the far left of this photo. 
Sea Stallions, their rotors folded to save space, dominate this view of the after flight deck. 
Looking aft along the port side, a number of life rafts can be seen, and a fire fighting station is visible at the bottom of the photo. 
Crew members touch up the paint on an H-46 Sea Knight. The windows of the Air Bosses' hut can be seen at the top right.
This view is of the island, taken from the port side (forward of midships) looking starboard. The port SLQ 32(V)3 is visible above and between the rotors of the Sea Knight. Originally, there would have been a second row of windows on the level below the bridge, but these were removed during INCHON's conversion from an LPH to an MCS. 
Another view of the island, taken from farther forward than before. This shot shows the whole mast, with the SPS 40E in front of it. The SPS 10 surface search radar can be seen above the SPS 40E, forward of the mast, with the navigation radar situated on a platform between the two. 
Another shot of the island, this time looking forward. 
Probably taken amidships (looking aft), here is one of the ship's four SRBOC chaff launchers. 
Taken from the same location as above, but looking forward. The large port elevator can be seen forward in the distance. 
One of  INCHON's Sea Stallion helicopters; these helicopters are directly involved in mine countermeasures operations, and tow hydrofoil sleds like the one shown in a previous photo. This Sea Stallion has its rotors extended. 
This shot looks into the back end of a Sea Stallion, and shows how much room is available inside. 

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