CYCLONE class coastal patrol boat

USS WHIRLWIND (PC 11) is one of the CYCLONE (PC 1) class of coastal patrol boats serving with the US Navy. WHIRLWIND was alongside at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax during the summer of 1998. The CYCLONE class is based on the British RAMADAN (Vosper Thornycroft) design, but is heavily modified for USN requirements. Intended for use with SpecOps transport and support, as WHIRLWIND and TEMPEST were employed during MARCOT '98, they are primarily used for patrol and drug enforcement duties.

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WHIRLWIND (right) and TEMPEST (left) docked at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic during the summer of 1998. The change in shades of paint used for camouflage can be seen running in steps proceeding aft along the hull. 
A head-on view of WHIRLWIND. 
The forward 25mm Bushmaster machine gun; this same gun is also used on armoured personnel carriers in the US Army.
The twin .50 cal machine gun on the starboard bridge wing. WHIRLWIND carries a spare 40mm grenade launcher which can be swapped onto this mount in exchange for the twin .50 cal gun. Each bridge wing has a twin .50 cal mount and an auxiliary helm and throttle control, the latter seen here at the bottom right under the navy's new SCL 56 Mk.4 clipboard. 
Taken from the port side, this is the bridge on WHIRLWIND. Immediately above the wheel are the autohelm controls, with the throttle controls to the right. 
This is the mast on WHIRLWIND, with the Sperry RASCAR surface search radar on the top platform, and the navigation radar two platforms below it. The signal flag storage cabinet is visible at the bottom left of the photo. 
This picture was taken immediately aft of the mast looking forward. The signal flag cabinet is to the left, with the ship's bell visible at the top of the inverted 'V' of a mast support. The bridge wings are to either side of the mast.
This shot was taken a bit farther aft, on the catwalk that joins the top of the three deckhouses. 
This is the aft 25mm Bushmaster machine gun. Integral with this mount is a 40mm grenade launcher. 
This is the port side of the Bushmaster on TEMPEST.
Another view of the Bushmaster on WHIRLWIND, this time from starboard. 
This is the aft quarterdeck on WHIRLWIND, with its RHIB and the hydraulic crane used to lower it into the water. Spare outboards are stored to the right of the photo. The ship in the background is HMCS SACKVILLE, the world's only preserved FLOWER class corvette. 
A view of the quarterdeck from above. 

Ok, so I might have made up the bit about the clipboard.   :-)

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