BEAR class medium endurance cutter (WMEC)

The BEAR class WMEC (Medium Endurance Cutter) are relatively new ships, built for the US Coast Guard. When built, it was intended that they should carry Harpoon missiles and some other systems used by the US Navy, but in the end these were removed due to top weight constraints. It was discovered that these ships rolled badly, and didn't need any additional help. USCGC TAHOMA (WMEC 908) and USCGC HARRIET LANE (WMEC 903) have visited Halifax over the last couple of years.

BEAR class
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HARRIET LANE at the Canadian Coast Guard base in Dartmouth, NS. 
A forward view of TAHOMA, at Pier 21 in Halifax, NS. The 76mm OTO Melara gun is visible here forward of the bridge. This view gives an idea of why these ships are relatively unstable, with narrow beam and high superstructure. 
An aft view of TAHOMA, showing the flight deck and telescoping hangar.

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