AUSTIN class amphibious transport dock

USS NASHVILLE (LPD 13) is one of the AUSTIN (LPD 4) class of amphibious assault ships serving with the US Navy. NASHVILLE was alongside at HMC Dockyard in Halifax during the summer of 1998.

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NASHVILLE's bow. The additional bridge level indicates that NASHVILLE is one of the ships of the AUSTIN class modified to act as a flagship. The Phalanx CIWS can be seen forward of the bridge; these ships were built with a twin 3"/50 Mk.33 gun in this position, but it has since been removed. Note the large wire antenna on the tip of the bow.
Looking aft along NASHVILLE; the aft Phalanx can be seen in the center of the picture. At the forward end of the flight deck, the telescoping hangar is visible. 
Looking forward along NASHVILLE's superstructure. The single large crane can be seen just aft of the funnel. Looking carefully, the starboard SLQ(V)1 passive intercept EW unit is visible just to the right of the Phalanx.
The aft flight deck on NASHVILLE, with all the various vehicles that are currently embarked. These vehicles can be delivered to the beach via a landing craft that is docked in a well deck beneath the flight deck.
Viewing NASHVILLE from aft, the well deck is plainly visible as a gap between the flight deck and the transom door which closes it off. An SPS 40C air search radar can be seen near the top of the mast. 


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