ANCHORAGE class dock landing ship

USS PENSACOLA (LSD 38) is one of the ANCHORAGE (LSD 36) class of landing ships serving with the US Navy. PENSACOLA was alongside at HMC Dockyard in Halifax during the summer of 1998. All the members of this class will soon be paid off.

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Looking forward from the bridge; the large wire antenna is visible on the bow.
The bridge on PENSACOLA, with the starboard bridge wing at the bottom of the photo. The forward Phalanx CIWS is visible here, at the top left of the photo. 
The bridge.
Looking forward at the mast; the aft Phalanx is shown here at the left of the photo. The forward Phalanx is just visible to the bottom right of the photo, now with its barrel pointed vertical. The ship's SPS 40 air search radar can be seen at the top of the tripod on the mast. 
This shot shows that the Phalanx CIWS will bend over backwards to get the job done. 
Looking forward from the flight deck, the crane and superstructure can be seen in the background.
Taken from the superstructure looking aft, the well deck is visible below with the crane looming above. Two LCACs can be seen in the well deck. 

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