MANCHESTER class (Type 42 Batch 3) air defence destroyer

HMS MANCHESTER (D95) is the lead ship of the MANCHESTER (Type 42 Batch 3) class of AAW destroyers serving with the Royal Navy. MANCHESTER was alongside HMC Dockyard in Halifax during the summer of 1998. The Batch 3 ships are improved versions of the first two batches, with a longer hull and a larger missile magazine. MANCHESTER has recently undergone an extensive refit, intended to allow her to remain in service well into the 21st century. Two ships of the first batch were lost in the Falklands War.

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A view of MANCHESTER from the forward starboard quarter. 
Looking straight aft down the foredeck, the most prominent feature is the Vickers 4.5"/55 Mk.8 gun, which can fire up to 25 rounds per minute. 
A view of the interior of the 4.5" gun. 
A side view of the 4.5" gun.
This picture shows the area immediately forward of the bridge. Note the large Navy style anchor fastened to the front of the bridge superstructure.
MANCHESTER in profile: the extra 50 feet of the lengthened bow is clearly apparent when compared to the earlier batches of this class. The beam running along the gunnel on each side is for strengthening the hull, a feature only seen on the Batch 3 ships.
This is the twin Sea Dart launcher. The Sea Dart is a medium range SAM which also has some anti-surface capability. The missiles come up through the clamshell doors under each arm of the launcher.
The bridge on MANCHESTER; the navigation radar is seen at left, and the large dome at right houses the forward Type 909 Mod 1 fire control radar, which guides the Sea Dart missile to its target. 
The large radar to the left is the Marconi/Signaal Type 1022 long range air search radar. The mast is immediately aft, with another navigation radar near the top. To the right of the mast is a SATCOM antenna, with another identical unit on the other side of the ship. The aft mast shows in the background, with a Plessey Type 996 3D air/surface search radar at its head. 
Looking aft along MANCHESTER's port side. Note the 20mm Phalanx CIWS; there is another unit in the same position on the starboard side as well.
Looking aft along the starboard deck. The cylinders on the platform above the maindeck house floating torpedo decoys. 
The roof of the hangar supports the aft Type 909 fire control radar. Note the two Marconi Sea Gnat 6-barreled chaff launchers under tarps at the bottom left of the photo. 
 The superstructure, with the funnel in the background.
Looking forward from the flight deck at the hangar. 
Three of the weapons used by the Sea Lynx helicopter carried by MANCHESTER. The far object is an air dropped Marconi Stingray torpedo, in the middle is a Sea Skua anti-surface missile (which sank a number of Iraqi patrol boats during the Gulf War), and a helicopter dropped depth charge (thanks to the many people who have identified this object for me). 

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