DUKE class (Type 23 Batch 1) multi-purpose frigate (FFH)

HMS RICHMOND (F239) is a member of the DUKE (Type 23 Batch 1) class of multi-purpose frigates serving with the Royal Navy. RICHMOND was alongside HMC Dockyard in Halifax during the summer of 1998. The DUKE class is the Royal Navy's newest class of surface combattants.

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HMS RICHMOND on the right, tied up inside of HMCS ST. JOHN'S. Although ST. JOHN'S is a fair bit larger, both ships are designed to do roughly the same job. 
Another view of RICHMOND's bow, with the Vickers 4.5" Mk.8 gun apparent up front.
RICHMOND carries most of her armament ahead of the bridge; the built up box at the left of this photo (which is right behind the gun) is the Seawolf SAM VLS, and one of two Harpoon quad launchers is visible behind the VLS. The top of the forward Type 911 fire control radar can be seen above the bridge. 
The forward mast on RICHMOND is at the aft end of the bridge superstructure. To either side (port and starboard) at the base are SATCOM antennas, and the Plessey Type 996 3D air/surface search radar can be seen at the top of the mast.
This is the funnel, with an INMARSAT antenna visible between two exhaust ports at the top of the funnel. The aft mast can be seen behind the funnel.
Another view of the forward mast, and the aft end of the forward superstructure.
Looking forward along the ship from just aft of the funnel. 
The aft mast and aft Type 911 fire control radar are situated on top of the forward end of the hangar. As might be apparent from this and other views, most vertical surfaces on this ship are actually sloped at 7 degrees from the vertical in order to reduce the RCS (Radar Cross Section) of the ship.
The top of the hangar aft of the fire control radar is pretty mugh devoid of equipement, in order to make room for these three ribs, whose purpose are to help reduce the ship's RCS. There is another one of these ribs on top of the bridge, just forward of the Type 911 fire control radar. 
The DUKE class can carry a Sea Lynx HAS 3, or the heavier Merlin helicopter which is being introduced into the RN.
The centre port in the transom on RICHMOND is used to stream the Dowty Type 2031 (Z) towed array sonar. 

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