HUNT class minehunter (MHC)

HMS HURWORTH (M39) is one of the HUNT class of minehunters serving with the Royal Navy. HURWORTH was alongside HMC Dockyard in Halifax on several occasions during the summer of 1998; she was serving with NATO's SNFC (Standing Naval Force Channel) at the time. The HUNTs carry both minehunting and minesweeping equipment, the former in the form of remote submersibles and sonar and the latter in the form of towed sweeping gear designed to cut the mooring cables of moored mines.

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HMS HURWORTH backs out from her berth at HMC Dockyard.
A good shot of HURWORTH's profile.
The bow area is dominated by an Oerlikon/BMARC 30mm/75 DS 30B single gun, and the anchor winch. The navigation radar is seen here just above the bridge.
Looking straight back at the main gun and bridge.
The open quarterdeck is home to the two hydraulic lifts that handle the ship's various mine countermeasures systems. The floats for the ship's minesweeping equipment are visible on the port side under the raised platform.
This shot is taken just forward of midships, looking aft along the port side. The port bridge wing is to the left of the photo, the mast in the center, and the funnel in the background.
These are HURWORTH's two PAP unmanned submersibles, which give the HUNT class some of its minehunting abilities. Each has two electric motors mounted in pods, one on each side. These submersibles are operated by remote control from the ship. They are stored on the quarterdeck level just aft of the funnel.
The gray object carried underneath the PAP is a bomb (inert in this case) which can be dropped next to a bottom sitting mine, and exploded after the PAP has left the area, destroying the mine or mines in the area. Not shown in this photo, but to the right, is a small hyperbaric chamber for treating the divers that HURWORTH also carries to hunt and combat mines.
This view shows some of the equipment on HURWORTH's covered quarterdeck, with a large winch to the left for deploying and retrieving cable from the ship, and the two minesweeping floats to the right.
Another view of HURWORTH's stern and quarterdeck. The dome just aft of the funnel is for satellite communications. 

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