VASCO DE GAMA (MEKO 200 type) multi- purpose frigate

PNS VASCO DE GAMA (F 330) and ALVARES CABRAL (F331) are members of the VASCO DE GAMA (Meko 200 type) frigates serving with the Portugese Navy. VASCO DE GAMA was at HMC Dockyard in Halifax, NS, on May 29, 1997. ALVARES CABRAL was at HMC Dockyard during the summer of 1998 during participation in MARCOT '98.

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Looking aft along the port side of VASCO DE GAMA. Above are life rafts and a ship's boat on davits. To right is the Dutch WITTE DE WITH. 
The bridge, looking to port. Note the helm and throttle station in the middle of the picture. 
VASCO DE GAMA's bow, seen from the port bridge wing. The large gun in the background is the Creusot Loire 3.9"/55 Mod 68 CADAM, a French-made gun. Note the space set aside for a Mk.41 VLS just to the right of the gun in the foreground. 
Taken from the port bridge wing is the mainmast.Top left is a Signaal STIR, with a Signaal MW 08 3D air search radar at the mast head. 
Looking forward at the Mk.29 octuple NATO Sea Sparrow SAM launcher, twin funnels, Signaal STIR (between funnels), and Signaal DA 08 air/surface search radar (above STIR on mast). 
The mainmast again. 
The Phalanx 20mm CIWS on VASCO DE GAMA. 
The Super Sea Lynx Mk.95 carried by VASCO DE GAMA. This helicopter is named Muttley, after the cartoon character. 
Muttley's starboard side. 
The cockpit and controls of Muttley. 
Muttley's port side. Note the air-dropped Mk.46 Mod 5 torpedo (with parachute on the tail end) and the surface search radar under the nose. Sandy McClearn photo.

ALVARES CABRAL rafted up alongside the Dutch JACOB VAN HEEMSKERCK. The similarity between these ships is no coincidence, as they are both MEKO type ships.
The foredeck of ALVARES CABRAL, showing to good effect the French made Creusot Loire 3.9"/55 Mod 68 CADAM. Immediately behind the gun is a space for a Mk.41 VLS for VL Sea Sparrow, but this launcher was never fitted in favour of the Mk.29 Sea Sparrow launcher mounted amidships on the superstructure.
A view from the aft starboard quarter.
This shot looks upon the aft port quarter, and from farther astern than the previous photo. 

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