OSLO class ASW frigate (FF)

HNOMS NARVIK (F304) is one of the OSLO (F301) class of ASW frigates still serving with the Norwegian Navy. NARVIK was alongside HMC Dockyard in Halifax during the summer of 1998 during MARCOT '98. NARVIK is based off an old USN hull design, but has received various upgrades over the years. The class is due to be replaced in the next few years.

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NARVIK at HMC Dockyard in Halifax, NS.
Another view of NARVIK from her forward starboard quarter.
Looking aft from the foredeck to the bridge. In the foreground is the FMC 3"/50 Mk.33 dual gun mount, intended for AA fire. 
This view is from the forward port quarter. Behind the 3"/50 gun mount is an ASW mortar. Above the bridge, ahead of the air search radar, is the Nobeltech 9LV 200 Mk.2 fire control radar, which is presumably intended for direction of the 3"/50 gun mount. 
A close-up of the Kongsberg Terne III 6-tubed ASW mortar. The clamshell doors open up, and allow the mortar to fire to either side of the ship.
The view forward from the monkey island on top of the bridge. At the bottom left is a portion of one of the navigation radars.
A view of the interior of the bridge on NARVIK. To the right of the photo is the ship's wheel, and the throttle is shown just forward of that. 
This is the starboard bridge wing, and the Rheinmetal 20mm/20 gun. There is another identical gun on the port bridge wing. The steps seen to the left of the photo lead to the monkey island. 
A close up of the AWS-9 air search radar (left) and the mast, which two more radars on it: the Racal Decca TM 1226 surface search radar (lower) and a navigation radar (above). The top of the funnel can be seen in the bottom right of the photo. 
Looking forward from the aft superstructure, the object to the right is the Mk.32 triple torpedo launcher, which is mounted rather high compared to most ships. The Norwegians use the Mk.32 to launch the Marconi Stingray lightweight ASW torpedo. 
Looking aft on the port side, these are two of the four SRBOC chaff launchers. 
Looking aft, with the Mk.29 Sea Sparrow launcher in the immediate foreground. 
Looking forward to the aft superstructure: from left to right are the Raytheon Mk.95 fire control system (for Sea Sparrow), a SATCOM antenna (possibly INMARSAT), the Mk.29 Sea Sparrow launcher, and a Bofors 40mm/70 single gun. The OSLO class can carry 4 Kongsberg Penguin Mk.II missile launchers aft of the 40mm mount, but these are not always carried, as was the case when these photos were taken.
A close up of the Bofors 40mm mount: note the gun shield artwork to the left of the photo, featuring Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes fame). 
From the port side, the launch and retrieval gear for the Thomson Sintra/Simrad TM 2633 variable depth sonar. 
The VDS gear, this time from the starboard side looking aft. 
The VDS gear again, with the VDS 'fish' in the centre of the photo. The 'fish' is lowered by a cable into the water, and can be lowered below any thermal layers which may be present in the ocean. The 'fish' contains a full sonar set, similar to the one mounted on the bottom of the ship's hull. Note the depth charge rail to the right of the photo, which is useful in the confined waters of the Baltic Sea. 
Looking at NARVIK from the aft starboard quarter. 

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