OKSOY class minehunter (MHS)

HNOMS HINNOY (M343) is one of the OKSOY (M340) class of minehunters serving with the Norwegian Navy. HINNOY was alongside HMC Dockyard in Halifax during the summer of 1998 during MARCOT '98. The OKSOY class use the SES (Surface Effects Ship) concept, which means they are partial hovercrafts. Twin hulled, there is a kevlar skirt between the hulls, and when air is injected under the ship, it can rise out of the water until it only draws three feet of water.

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HINNOY leaves HMC Dockyard in Halifax prior to participating in MARCOT '98. 
HINNOY again. Note how the water is stirred up by the hover fans under the ship. The kevlar skirt can be seen covering the space between the two hulls.
A good profile shot of HINNOY. Looking closely, one can see how the deck at HINNOY's prow slopes down. 
HINNOY while rafted up outside of HMS HURWORTH. 
The bridge is at the left of this shot, and the twin Mistral SAM launcher is at the right. 
The Mistral SAM is a shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missile: in this case, it is mounted on a special twin launcher.
This is the bridge on HINNOY. 
Taken on the upper deck of HINNOY, this shot looks forward to the bridge. 
A close-up of the camera and forward thrusters on the Pluto ROV, which is used for minehunting. 
HINNOY carries two of these Pluto ROVs. Once the ROV has found a mine, it can destroy it by dropping a explosive charge (which it can carry under its belly) beside the mine. 
The quarterdeck on HINNOY. The two Pluto ROVs are on either side of the ship, and the two hydraulic hoists used to launch the ROVs into the water are also seen here. 

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