HMNLS TROMP (F 801) is one of two TROMP class AAW frigates serving the Dutch Navy. TROMP was at HMC Dockyard in Halifax, NS, on March 27, 1997.

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Looking forward along TROMP's starboard superstructure. Between the mast and the hangar are two Raytheon SPG 51C fire control directors. Sandy McClearn photo.
Taken from just below the starboard bridge wing. The big dome over the bridge is the Signaal MTTR/SPS 01, 3D air/surface search radar. Sandy McClearn photo.
The three main inhabitants of the bow are visible in this picture: from left to right are the Signaal WM 25 director, the Mk.29 octuple Sea Sparrow SAM launcher, and the twin Bofors 4.7"/50 gun mount. Sandy McClearn photo.
TROMP leaves Halifax the day after the tour. 
Taken from the deck of WESTDIEP is the port superstructure of TROMP looking forward. At far right is the Mk.13 Mod 4 launcher for the SM-1(MR) missile. A blue practice round is visible on the launcher. Sandy McClearn photo.
The starboard bow of TROMP. Sandy McClearn photo.
The starboard superstructure. Ahead of the funnels and just below the large radar dome are the Harpoon launchers. At the far left of the photo is the Mk.32 triple torpedo launcher. Sandy McClearn photo.
The starboard superstructure looking aft. The Goalkeeper 30mm CIWS is visible far aft. Sandy McClearn photo.
The Bofors 4.7" twin mount. Sandy McClearn photo.
TROMP's Signaal Goalkeeper 30mm CIWS, situated at the aft end of the hangar. Sandy McClearn photo.
TROMP's SH-14B Lynx helo in the hangar. Sandy McClearn photo.

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